“Everyone has a crisis, but we have a beauty!” Transformation of the Soviet sofa

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    From shit can only be made roe.

    • a guest

      I totally agree. 6 thousand and 3 days spent on nonsense. We bought a new one on Avito for 3 thousand. It looks like a new one, does not creak, unfolds well. If we are talking about saving. But reanimate the sofa from the last century ...

    • Clever Masha


    • Anonymous

      exactly: awl on soap

  • Anonymous

    Great job!

  • Anonymous

    Good job! Old furniture was strong and reliable and served for a long time!

  • Lydia

    I restored such a sofa myself and added some foam rubber to the sides, they became round and soft.

  • Clever Masha

    How was the scoop, and stayed. Nothing has changed drastically, only rags are clean. Well, not for long. I would still understand if the form was changed, and so - goat from the shit, as mentioned above.

  • Anonymous

    Man likes to do something with his own hands, it is commendable. I praise when you do something with your hands that you love and cherish.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the wonderful MK, I think soon it will be very useful to me. I see that there is a criticism, and this is a sure sign that the work is done well.

  • http://allenz.info/Elena

    When you put your hands on something, it is always great. There are always spiteful critics.
    I would recommend to choose the decor a little more carefully. On such a sofa (an old model) you need to use very beautiful fabrics, And the sides could be decorated with wood. It would be more original. Overall, good work 🙂

  • Anonymous

    For 6 thousand, you can buy a new baby sofa. And this is a waste of time and money. And the result is complete. No offense.

  • Elena

    If the craving for creativity - well done. Only we, the former Soviet ones, are still building something. It does not matter what. It is now possible to buy anything, even for 3 pennies Chinese g ... And to do it yourself with pleasure - someone better lie on the couch from Avito, where it was unknown who slept before and with what skin diseases. Used to buy is not scary? Condemn anyone can, and you create from g ... candy. Even if such a "sovkovuyu." And then we have all sales managers - no one produces anything, they just resell everything. And create your own hands weak?

  • Anonymous

    Here it is koshmaaaar! For dessert, left .... words just do not. Well, there is no sense of style ... there is also 6000 r for this trash

  • Anonymous

    Koshmaaaar. And let me ask you why this combination of colors? What's this? Fashion has not reached us yet, that's how to mock 6000 rubles, is it necessary? I do not believe my eyes! I expected that now I will open and faint from the beauty of the converted. I myself work in a restoration workshop, but have not met this

  • Helga

    I myself am professionally engaged in the upholstering of upholstered furniture, and I can say for sure that modern furniture made of chipboard is much worse than that made in the middle of the last century. And it is better to repair an old but strong sofa than to buy a new one and it will fall apart in a year. Again, buy a new one, fall apart again. And everything in a landfill, and the garbage and so full. This is me about furniture in the range of 6 tr. K.Larissa you did everything right! Do not stop! And in the process of work will come and skill! And for the first sofa is very well done!

  • Anonymous

    very nice happened

  • I like! And for those who do not like it, most likely they are so envious of what they write.

  • Natalia

    if it was still the right color scheme to match the colors, and the fabrics are now in an assortment there are beautiful, I think it would look a lot better

  • Anonymous

    Excellent work put 5 without a pole (+) because of the combination of color (blue and black somehow not that) and the price of 6 tons is expensive, but in general, I think smartly for years, so I still have to use a divan. You can print out an old picture of the sofa and put it inside before the next repair. P.S. all spitifiers fork in the fifth point 🙂

  • It turned out to be a very comfortable sofa, which also “perfectly fit” into a small area from wall to window. You can not find such a convenient and compact sofa in the store.

  • Marina Z.

    Thanks for the detailed guide to action! We have exactly the same sofa in the kitchen. I all dream of drawing him, and my relatives say - in the trash. Of course, the materials are not cheap (upholstery + parolon), but after reading about the reliability of the old sofas, I am once again convinced that handicraft is a great thing!
    Marina Z.

  • Svetlana Yurkina

    what to say. The taste and color of all the markers are different. If there is an old sofa, I would also have better dragged than bought a new one. But, of course, if we disassemble it that way, then the corners would make soft, and the color softer. But in general, quite diligently, (albeit a little expensive, in my opinion). But still I was hoping to see AH in advertising! but I saw - yes, it is acceptable.

  • anonymus

    For diligence and work 5, but the colors of the sofa disappointed, although everyone has his own taste ... but still, you could make a more stylish sofa, with such a coloring it looks like a cheap 🙁

  • Anonymous
  • Good girl! You can replace the wooden armrests on soft black fabric. It will be even nicer.

  • Jeanne

    Cool, well done!

  • Elena

    You are well done) I will keep your instructions for yourself)

  • Irina

    I liked the idea that the old sofa fit - 1, 2-you can choose the color for the interior. And you will value your work more.

  • Svetlana

    I wanted to replace the upholstery of the kitchen corner sofa. Believe it or not, the cost is new. Therefore, it is better to buy a new one than bother with the old hauling. Although I do not argue. Maybe someone has the desire and talent, then it is possible to turn the old stuff into a new one. Fabrics, though not cheap now.

  • Elena

    Well done. You can criticize anyone and how you like. And you try to do something with your own hands and then you will understand that satisfaction is sent to the work done.

  • Anonymous

    I really appreciate what has been done by my own hands and I'm not stingy at the praise, if someone did something cool! Well done !!! Old furniture is made of natural solid wood and will last for a long time.Buy, of course, can be cheaper, but ... what do you buy? The sofa is beautiful! The colors - well, the author immediately warned - the situation is in crisis. Why criticize something?

  • The furniture of Soviet times is very strong, it's enough to change the upholstery, to find a beautiful fabric, and -ol-la-la! You are a fine fellow! Do not stop in cultivation! Made by your own hands is always warmer!

  • Farida

    Thank you!
    I'll put it into service, there's an old sofa at home, which I wanted to throw out. You inspired me

  • Marina

    You are well done! It is a pity that a lot of money was spent - if the fabric and foam rubber buy in ordinary stores and not in warehouses, so it will. I have aesthetic pleasure from such alterations, especially when made by women's hands (a screwdriver, a stapler and a hammer are also my best friends). The coloring is normal - monochromatic with a pattern - everything seems to be by the rules, but there is a matter of taste and finance. Decorative pillows in a tone sketch on it - than not a designer thing))) Thanks for the detailed briefing and inspiration !!!)))

  • Anonymous

    I would have made the sides more softly and would have decided differently with the color scheme.

  • Anonymous

    The hands are great, well done. And from the hands of buying, really, it is not known what to buy, you can buy bugs. In general - great, I liked it.

  • Anonymous

    Well, now there is experience, now from this misunderstanding, you can try to do something more decent, changing the fabric and adding fantasy. But 6 thousand. This "new" is clearly not worth it.

  • Anonymous

    guys are good fellows !!!! Keep it up! And do not pay attention to whiners and spiteful critics.

  • Anonymous

    I really liked it! Well done! I will also drag

  • Glory

    Not bad of course ... but in reality, in our time, the choice of sofas is huge. The fact that the sofas of the Soviet period, strong, no one denies. But still, for an apartment it is better to buy a new one, and for giving it is possible to collect it from “garbage”))

  • Anonymous

    This is called “from city to city” ...

  • Margarita

    The old mattress was made of polyurethane, close to orthopedic. Replacing the foam, which does not hold the back, it is harmful to health. 6000 is expensive for such an uncomfortable bed. Maybe if for guests once a month to use. Foam rubber quickly sells for daily use. I feel sorry for the money and time spent on repairs.

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