We are sewing a developing textile mat for a girl

In order to sew a textile developing mat for a little girl, you need a small cut of cotton fabric, a low density sintepon, a multicolored felt of different degree of rigidity, plastic transparent cases and packages (these may be lids from yogurt, packaging from decorative candles or soaps, etc .), a variety of beads and buttons, cords, ribbons, velcro, colorful yarn, - in a word, everything that can be in the bins of a needlewoman is useful. From the equipment you need a sewing machine, scissors, ruler. Also, transparent glue is useful. developing textile mat
To begin with, it is necessary to make the basis for the rug. It can be of any shape. It is most convenient to sew a rectangular rug, since all that is required is to fold the length of fabric in half and sew over the cuts. You should make a developing rug on a padding polyester.Playing with such a thing will be much more pleasant and comfortable for a child. To make a rug truly cute and childish, its edges can be additionally decorated with decorative triangles of basic and finishing fabrics. To make them, cut squares with a side of 10 cm, and iron them in half diagonally, and then in half diagonal again. Edges of the prepared base should be trimmed, if necessary, ironed out a little. It is not necessary to get too carried away with the ironing of a product made on a synthetic winterizer, since the insulation is irreversibly compressed under the influence of high temperature, it becomes flat and rigid. After the base of the rug is fully prepared, you can begin to assemble the developmental elements. Playing with a rug, the child must develop fine motor skills, so each element of the product must be directed exactly to that. In addition, the game should be interesting. Therefore, elements can also carry the effect of surprise or surprise. For example, you can hide an interesting button under the felt square that is barely noticeable in the section.To get a better look at it, your child will need to push the corners of the felt layer. A miniature lacing will be a good workout. Tucking the ribbon in the loops, the child will practice his fingers very well. Button fastening on the button is another version of the simulator for developing fine motor skills.
 developing textile mat
Tying a bow - not easy It’s a challenge, but very important, especially for a girl, so this element must be made. You can develop motor skills by not only doing different small tasks, but also touching different mats rials. It is possible to combine different types of tapes and cords in one element. It will be very interesting, and most importantly it will help the child to feel the difference between them, because everything can be learned by comparison. The plastic transparent case in the shape of a heart - a package from under a candle - plays the role of a rattle - the colored beads in it hit the walls and make noise . Under a modest-looking felt square, you can hide a surprise - just press your finger well and a squeaker will let you know.

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