We sew outfits from scarves in one evening! 5 great options.

Option 3

You will need 3 shawls, matching yarns and straps.
When you choose a scarf in order to sew a sundress out of it, you can see if it fits in size by holding it to your chest and holding it at one of the tips, as shown:

The whole process can be described by one scheme. Need to make three seams and sew straps.
For the front, you need to fold two handkerchiefs and measure from one corner of 17 cm.

From the second angle of 27 cm, as shown in the picture ... ... draw a diagonal line, cheat and stitch. I pressed the cloth with the plinth :) for a guideline and cheated. You can try to stitch it right away, but the slippery fabric of the kerchief will break out and spoil the line.

The front is ready. Further back. We measure 17 cm on each side of the corner of the last scarf, pin them with pins to the free sides of the front.

Sewing, starting from the bottom, accurately connecting the edges, to the pin.
It should be such a construction, to which we are left to sew straps.

The length of the strapless should be chosen independently, depending on how you want the sundress to sit. I pinned them with pins and watched how it would be better - I chose the length at which the straps are quite far from each other - it looks better with wide shoulders. Webbing let from the side seams, stitching it to the edge of the fabric and additionally securing the corners. From behind, I simply sewed it to the corner of the scarf, wrapping the tape so that it lay down correctly.

You can sew the tape under the breast and tie or wear a dress with a belt.

OPTION 4. Dress from square coupons.

You will need two scarves (or two coupons) of 90x90 cm in size from natural silk. Sew two shawls along the edges according to the pattern:
• Section 1-2 - the middle of the front.
• Section 3-4 - middle of the back.

Approximate distances from the angle of the scarf, where the seams of the front and back begin, are shown in the drawing.

Depending on your size, these distances may increase or decrease, estimate their size, after sweeping away the edges of the scarves, and try on the dress by yourself.Sew the straps, adjusting them along the length. Put on the dress, mark the line of the drawstring under the breast. Sew on the drawstring from the wrong side, and vdte gum, adjusting its tension on the figure. It is better to do this with a friend or assistant.

If you want a dress with a more open back, as in the proposed photo, sew the back seam, after sweeping it off and measuring it on yourself.

For this variant, the back seam is shown by a dotted line in the diagram.

OPTION 5. Brown dress

For a brown dress you will need three silk shawls with a beautiful border around the perimeter - the size of a scarf is 90x90 cm. Or two silk shawls of 140x140 cm in size.
If there are three handkerchiefs, before opening, dock them with each other on the sides where there is a fractional thread. Dissolve the dress, referring to the drawing.

Fold the kerchiefs face down. Make sure that the share threads on the shawls are in the same direction. The dress consists of two main parts, cut them in a mirror image.
Cutting and tailoring are similar to the blue dress. Hem align not necessary.

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