Weekend Decor: 12 Simple Ideas

Do-it-yourself home decoration
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Empty tin cans of coffee, tea and candy can have a second life. They will make excellent stands for stationery, vases for dried flowers or candlesticks. It is enough just to paste over them with a piece of beautiful vintage wallpaper or wrapping paper.

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Are you tired of wiping dust from open shelves and admiring the inordinate jumble of things? Decorate the rack! Let part of the shelves become closed. To do this, you will need fabric cuts according to the size of the cells and thin rods on them, on which your “curtains” will be attached.

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From the usual wooden stepladder you can make an original rack in vintage style. To do this, you have to re-paint the stairs and attach shelves to its crossbars. In their role can play the old ventilation grilles. Then you just need to attach the ladder at a slight angle to the wall.

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Bright bag for linen will be a real decoration of the bathroom. Making it is not easy, but very easy - for this you will need a wooden hoop for embroidery and a pillow case made of colorful matter.

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It is easy to make such a nice board for home messages from the door of an old sideboard or secretary. The inner field is covered with paint for slate boards, so that it can be written with chalk or decorated with a metal sheet. In the latter case, you can leave notes on it.with magnets.


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A simple and effective way to store various small items, and in particular personal hygiene products. Take small clay pots for flowers, paint them in bright pink and decorate them with paper flowers and patterns from the sets forscrapbooking.

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Even the most ordinary bookcase can change overnight if you approach the question creatively. Glue the baroque wallpaper to the inner wall and put a patterned braid along the edge of the shelves - and now a love story and an elegant white vase are being asked for on the shelves.

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You no longer have to look for a pair of earrings and the desired ring in the bowels of the box - now your collection of jewelry will always be in sight. Vintage grille, placed in the frame, will be an excellent background for it. For storing beads and bracelets, use miniature hooks.


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Here such ergonomic rack turns out if to put several benches at each other. If necessary, it is easily disassembled, and the benches are used for their intended purpose.

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Such an unusual and super-practical bathroom shelf is obtained from the back of an ordinary wooden chair. It is convenient to store hygiene items and dry towels. 8 more ideas for a tidy bathroom >>

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As storage containers, you can use ordinary tin buckets, which fit the size of the rack.

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