What interesting anime look?

If you want to have an interesting and fun free evening, for a change, choose instead of the standard series or the next movie a couple of high-quality anime. Japanese animation for the most part is designed for teenagers and adults, so you will surely find something that will interest you.

Beautiful characters, pronounced emotions, interesting plots, considering various life situations, or traveling to the world of fiction and miracles - not the whole list of advantages of this genre. Together with the anime you immerse yourself in a completely different world, and in which one you choose, the benefit is that there are many films and TV shows in this genre, and each one is special in its own way.

On the Internet you can easily find a lot of sites where you can watch new anime for free and without registration, and both good old movies and completely new ones with Russian voice acting. For example, on the site http://narutoplanet.ru you will be offered a large selection of high-quality and diverse anime films and serials.Fans of a particular movie can search for a game based on its motives in the “Anime Games” section, also you can read the latest anime reviews, get the latest news and chat with other users in the chat.

If you do not know which anime to watch, you can explore the ratings and lists of the best films in the opinion of viewers. As an example, we will offer a small list of those films and TV shows that might interest you.

Anime movies and TV shows: what is worth watching?

  1. “My Neighbor Totoro” is an immortal classic of the anime genre, the creation of the hands of the legendary Hayao Miyazaki. The popular feature film returns to the world of magical childhood, when life was easy and fun. In the center of the story are two girls-sisters who, together with their family, move to a country house. One day they meet a forest spirit named Totoro, who shows them a world full of magic and fairy tales. In general, all Miyazaki films are considered to be the recognized classics of anime, so choosing any of them, you will not lose.
  2. "Panda is big and small" - a little-known, but from this no less cute anime about how the panda replaced the girl's father.
  3. “Momoko hears the song of the frogs” - a touching story about a boy, whose younger sister is lagging behind in her development from her peers. Anime affects many problems of modern society.
  4. “Chobits” is an anime series about the relationship between an ordinary Japanese guy and a beautiful robot girl, full of both touching and comic moments.
  5. “Five centimeters per second” is a beautifully filmed story about first love, expectations and the lives of the main characters. Young love is shown with such beauty and attention to detail, that involuntarily imbued with this story.
  6. "Heavenly wanderers" - a film about the history of the pilot who fights for the world. Anime raises the question of how to overcome the vicious circle, even if death can not change anything. The film is slow, but very accurate.
  7. "Attack on Titan" - a series about the warrior's growing up in the era of the struggle of mankind with the titans-cannibals. Hard series, designed for a male audience.
  8. The series "Elven Song" is definitely for an adult audience. The heroine Lucy, a genetically modified creature, escapes from the prison where she is kept and studied, and is sent to the free world.She is no different from the usual girl, except for the horns on her head. Forcedly the heroine becomes a cruel killer. This anime affects many social and moral issues, so for those who like to think about what was viewed, it will do.
  9. “Perfect Sadness” is a story in the thriller genre about a singer who thinks that she is not at all. At some point, the heroine goes crazy, which deeply touches the viewer. Anime about how to distinguish truth from lies.
  10. “Paprika” is a story about a girl who can penetrate into other people's dreams and fight psychopaths who break the subtle world.
  11. “The Thunder assault squad” - in this anime, a young kamikaze, a pilot of an airplane called “Sakura Petal”, turns out to be a positive hero. Despite the theme of the film, it can be considered anti-war. Anime is a adaptation of the manga Matsumoto Leiji.

We have presented you a small list of anime for people with different tastes - choose any movie or series you are interested in. All can be viewed, for example, here. You can also find specific collections, for example, about which anime to watch with a child,which TV series are considered the best among fans of Japanese animation, the best stories about life and relationships, the most popular fantasy anime stories, and so on. Decide what kind of anime attracts you the most, make an interesting selection for yourself and enjoy watching.

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