What are the letters?

Tatyana Ionina
Tatyana Ionina
11 April 2013
What are the letters?

Speaking in Russian, do not always think about the letters. In the Russian alphabet there are 33 letters that we use to communicate, fill out forms, write letters to each other, express emotions - our whole life is connected with letters. But what are the letters? So right away and do not answer this question. Let's look at the meaning of the letters of the Russian language.

Upper case letters

No wonder they were called uppercase - these letters are used when writing. The smallest kids begin to get acquainted with these letters, learning to write. Capital letters are written with a capital letter. With such a capital letter begins the sentence, for example: "Let's rejoice together, children." Also, capital letters in the text are found after different punctuation marks, for example, after an exclamation mark: “Hurray! Forward!". Or interrogative: “Do you agree? Yes!". And, of course, after the point: “Let's go to the sea. It is very beautiful there. ” Proper names are also written with a capital letter, for example: “Peter, Elena, Hans, Louis”. The names of plants, the nicknames of animals, varieties of wine are written with a capital letter, for example: “Parma Violet, Tuzik, Abrau-Durso”.Geographical names are also written with a capital letter, for example: "America, New World". The names of astronomical objects, historical eras, for example: "Beta Libra, Ancient Rome." To get acquainted with the complete list, in which all cases are indicated, when a large letter is used, one can pass

Lower case

Lowercase in size is less than capital letters, and these letters are used in all other cases that are not specified by the rules for writing capital letters. For example: "Grishka went to the pond."


When these letters are pronounced, there are no obstacles in the larynx, the sound goes freely. And I wonder what vowels are? There are 10 such letters in Russian: a (alphabet), y (ear), e (spruce), and (needle), e (hedgehog), o (glasses), s (no words), i (pit), e (elevator), y (skirt).

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