What can a baby per month?

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What can a baby per month?

And if during the first month the child only eats, sleeps and poops, then on reaching this date a new, meaningful life begins - the baby begins to smile consciously, recognize mom and dad by voice. There is a reaction to strokes and speech - most often positive. The baby begins to actively move the legs and arms, unless, of course, is wrapped in diapers. If the parents regularly arrange air procedures for the child, during which they spread on the tummy, the ability to hold the head for a few seconds appears.

Magic sounds

Of course, the baby even in the womb reacts to sounds, and not only music, but what can a baby do in a month? His reaction can not only be felt, but also seen. Turning your head to sound, more active movements, conscious smiles and even conversation (although in your own language) can be observed in response to the sounds of my mother's voice, favorite lullabies, classical music.It also becomes possible to hold attention for a few minutes. Listening to composers such as Vivaldi and Mozart is very useful.

Sleep and day regimen

At the end of the first month of life, the time spent in a dream decreases, yielding to a more active period of wakefulness. Begins to organize and identify the mode of the day. It is possible to allocate time for daily massage and occupations - both physical, and emotional. You can show pictures - because vision already has the ability to focus, you can turn on classical music, which not only soothes, but also improves the flow of physiological processes. It is necessary to talk with the child, to sing to him, regardless of the musical abilities of the mother, to carry the baby on the arms and hurry to him at the first call. All these simple actions calm the nervous system and have a positive effect on the development of creative abilities and the whole organism.

Normal development

In 1 month, it is imperative that you have to undergo a medical examination at those doctors who are appointed by the pediatrician. They will examine the baby, determine whether it develops according to age.What can a child? 1 month is not such a long time, besides a lot depends on the environment of upbringing and physical data. Each baby grows on its own schedule, and adverse deviations, if any, should be determined only by a doctor. However, be sure to follow your child and engage with him. Of course, classes for the age of one month should not exceed two minutes, but the attention of the infant should be constantly, if not her mother's, then other family members - the fathers of grandparents, brothers, sisters. You can slowly put into the hand of a small toy or rattle with a comfortable grip, give him to try to touch the cloth and objects that have a surface different to the touch - smooth or rough. Such seemingly simple activities will lead to a more rapid appearance of meaningful speech and increase the overall development of the child.

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