What does a bird tattoo mean?

In recent years, more and more tattoos with birds. And if some make them only to pay tribute to fashion, then others put a special meaning. What does a bird mean?

Who is suitable?

A tattoo with a picture of a bird will look equally bright and harmonious in both the girl and the guy. But if the representatives of the weaker sex should pay attention to the elegant, small and cute birds such as swallows, titmouse and hummingbirds, then men are better to choose more courageous and even fearsome birds, for example, eagles, pheasants, ravens.

General meaning

So what do all the birds mean in general? Long since they were associated with the elements of air, as well as personified freedom, as the only ones in the world could fly. And even earlier, many believed that birds help move the souls of the dead from the earthly world to the heavenly.

If we turn to mythology, then these creatures have always been considered to be faithful assistants to the heroes, real scouts, who were the first to receive both good and bad news. Thus, in the Christian religion, it was the white dove that brought the news of the birth of the Savior.And in Ancient Egypt birds were considered guardians of souls in the other world, so they were often depicted on tombs.

Archaeologists have repeatedly found images of people with the heads of birds. Most likely, it symbolized the hope of freedom of the soul and immortality. And in some countries, birds are still considered the rulers of the elements and the creators of the world.

Today, birds symbolize independence, spiritual strength, freedom of soul, dreams. But the exact meaning will depend on what kind of bird is depicted.

What do the images of different birds mean?

So, what do the different birds symbolize?

  • The significance of the tattoo with the image of the swallow was associated with the sea and the sailors, who considered such a bird as a messenger of the approaching land. And that is why she is often associated with hope. In the modern world, the swallow is often personified with devotion to home and family, loyalty, and constancy.
  • A whole flock of flying birds symbolizes life, its continuous flow, changes, striving for something higher and bigger, overcoming obstacles, and also the possibility of choosing the right path. In addition, birds in flight can personify freedom of thought and soul.
  • The pigeon is one of the most positive birds, which has always been associated with loyalty, devotion and freedom. It is also considered a symbol of peace and reconciliation, good news and positive thoughts. In addition, the dove can symbolize hope, especially if it carries a twig in its beak.
  • Robin has always been associated with the beginning of spring, the revival and revival of nature, the arrival of heat, renewal. Such a tattoo can mean change or the attainment of happiness after a struggle and overcoming difficulties.
  • Crane - a symbol of longevity, happy and carefree life.
  • The mystical phoenix is ​​a symbol of rebirth or even resurrection, the immortality of the soul. In addition, this tattoo will help its owner to cope with difficulties, will give strength and bring good luck. Such an image can be considered an independent and very strong amulet.
  • The firebird, which is a kind of phoenix, brings good luck, wealth and happiness. And some believe that such an image can prolong a person’s life.
  • The eagle at all times was considered the real king of the sky, so that a tattoo depicting this bird is associated with power, power, greatness.And the eagle with claws and spread wings can be used to protect and say that the owner of the tattoo should not try to offend.
  • A seagull is a symbol of the sea. For many, it is associated with freedom, wandering, traveling, dreams, new emotions, the fulfillment of desires.
  • Everyone knows how true and loyal to the second halves of the swans. This bird is considered a symbol of high and sincere feelings, loyalty, generosity and sincerity.
  • Owl and eagle owl are the smartest birds, so they are associated with wisdom, dexterity, intelligence. Owls used to be endowed with magical powers, so they can bring good luck and help overcome difficulties. And the eagle owl helps to avoid mistakes or correct them.
  • Falcon and hawk symbolize fearlessness, courage, masculinity, power, strength of body and spirit.
  • Flamingo is associated with fragility, tenderness, elegance, femininity, romance and some nice naivety.
  • In many cultures, raven is considered an ominous and mystical bird, the herald of death and the personification of loss and loss. But if you put a different meaning into a tattoo, it can bring longevity, wisdom and strength.
  • Peacock in many nations is considered a symbol of the sun and beauty. Such a bird can be associated with kingship, grace, romance, happiness, majesty, glory and versatility of the individual. And even the peacock can mean longevity or immortality, because the sun has been shining for a long time and is not going to go out. About the same interpretation has the image of a peacock feather.
  • Hummingbirds not only looks bright and stylish, but also symbolizes intuition, freedom, beauty, changes for the better.
  • The sparrow of some peoples was considered a guardian of the soul, so that it can be used as a guard.

Where to place the tattoo?

Several variants:

  • A man will look harmoniously on his shoulder.
  • Both a girl and a guy can get a tattoo on his back, for example, on the shoulder blade or between the shoulder blades. A female tattoo will be quite appropriate and on the lower back.
  • A little bird can "settle" with the girl on the wrist.
  • A guy can get a tattoo on his arm (many choose a shoulder).
  • Universal place is the inner side of the forearm.
  • A man can place the image on the shin or on the calf.
  • Girls often do tattoos on their feet.

Choose your happy bird! And if you just can not decide, then study the photo and do not forget to make your meaning in the tattoo.

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