What does a man dream about sex?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
February 19, 2015
What does a man dream about sex?

We usually perceive erotic dreams as a kind of substitution for real sex. Most often they dream of people deprived of sexual pleasures in reality or, conversely, overwhelmed by erotic fantasies and desires. Psychologists divide erotic dreams into two main categories: dreams with sensual experiences and dreams in which there is no sexual discharge (or with people to whom in real life there is no attraction).

Let's see what a man dreams of sex, when such a dream does not simply reflect the natural need for erotic pleasures, but may mean something else.

  • Sex with a deceased lover or wife - longing for this man.
  • Sex with a married woman with whom there is no close relationship in life - the fulfillment of your desires is associated with danger.
  • Sex with a stranger - you are overcome by uncertainty and doubt in both sensations and actions.
  • Sex with yourself (self-satisfaction) - you have low self-esteem.
  • Sex with the boss (boss) - you will have a beating.Be prepared for disassembly at work.
  • Sex with a man who is unpleasant - expect that soon you will be addressed with some kind of request or even with a demand.
  • Sex with a man. If you are heterosexual, and in a dream you had sex with a man, then how to interpret a dream? Stranger partner - you have the beginnings of homosexuality. Familiar partner - in real life you are in competition with this person. Remember the dream and, based on the analysis of the love act, determine your role (position and chances) in this rivalry.

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