What does cat tattoo mean?

Anastasia Shostak
Anastasia Shostak
March 20, 2013
What does cat tattoo mean?

One of the most common tattoo for girls is a cat. Tattoo with a picture of a cat is quite popular in our country both among women and men. But more often it is chosen by young girls. The cat is most often stuffed on the leg, shoulder, lower back. What does cat tattoo mean?

Tattoo value

Tattoos with cats are considered symbols of desire and freedom (just remember the "March cats"). Affectionate domestic cats are a symbol of tenderness and love. Also, a cat tattoo is a symbol of cunning and deception. Very rarely tattoos with cats can symbolize the call of passion.

Jumping Cat Tattoo

Such a tattoo is a symbol of grace, speed, agility movements. This tattoo will be able to emphasize your elegant appearance. You can also find it a symbol of long life. Cats always land on their paws, and the owners of these tattoos will always find the right way out of a difficult situation. Even a tiger or panther can be called cats. Therefore, they are often depicted together. Yang and Yin. Strength and tenderness.

What does black cat tattoo mean

A black cat is still a symbol of failure, especially if it crosses your path. Most likely, it is necessary to abandon prejudice and try to stop believing in this sign. Black cats are often affectionate and kind animals, especially if they are tamed. This tattoo today is not too common.

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