What does scabies look like

Scabies are accompanied by severe itching, which, as a rule, increases in the evening. In addition, the main symptom of this skin disease is a small rash with the addition of pustular elements, which are formed due to infection during scratching.
If contact with a patient with scabies took place, it is wrong to assume that the disease will immediately be felt. There is no defined incubation period. Manifestation of scabies on a person’s skin depends on many factors, including the age and stage of development of the disease in a patient. Often, the first signs of scabies can be observed on the body only 10-14 days after direct contact. It is very important to diagnose the disease in time and start timely treatment.
Scabies in humans are also called scabies. These parasites are almost invisible, as they are very small in size. The length of the female mite is up to 200-400 microns. The life of the parasite lasts no more than 1 month.For such a short life, the female lays up to four eggs per day, doing multiple moves under a layer of skin.
Scabies looks like this. On the body there are scabby moves that can be found with the naked eye. Polymorphism is the next symptom of the disease. This formation of papules, vesicles, which are covered with a special hemorrhagic crust. In addition, the possible emergence of excoriation, vesicles, erosion. The main locations of the scabies mite are the genitals (in men), thighs, buttocks, mammary glands (in women), lateral parts of the body, elbow joint area, abdomen, and interdigital folds.
It must be remembered that the cure for scabies does not allow for the acquisition of complete immunity from this disease. It is mandatory to disinfect personal belongings and the room as a whole. It is important to consult a dermatologist about personal hygiene.
Scabies is treated under the strict supervision of a qualified specialist. If the patient has been in contact with other people during the incubation period, they should also be treated to prevent the disease from multiplying.
There are various types of scabies. That is why, relying on the main symptoms, a person is not always able to make an accurate diagnosis on his own. At the first suspicion of a possible disease, you should immediately seek advice from the relevant medical institution.

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