What dreams of fleas, dream book

If a person sees a flea in a dream, it will immediately make him an unpleasant impression. Dream interpretation only confirms that in a dream to see fleas in most cases is a bad sign.

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Dreaming fleas
What does it mean to see fleas in a dream

Dream book writer Aesop

Fleas are a symbol of disorder, dirt and poverty. The insect itself is elusive and can move quickly. According to this, the dream of fleas that bite a dog means that in the recesses of the soul you envy someone else's well-being and wealth. A dream of fleas on a cat that you are trying to destroy, warns you that soon you will be bitterly disappointed or forced to interfere in the affairs of strangers. If a person has seen fleas on himself that have bitten him, while there are bites and blood on his body, this is serious. He must prepare for monetary litigation between his loved ones, inheritance, or the urgent request of a stranger for monetary assistance.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Jumping fleas in a dream and catching them is a good sign.This offers excellent opportunities for self-realization, the acquisition of wealth and cash. If you have killed an insect in your dream, you can rejoice: you will soon have an unplanned income or profit. If a person asks why they are dreaming of fleas in a dream that he caught on himself, this is an important warning. He needs to be prepared for long quarrels and disputes. If fleas bite on top of everything else, it means that some ill-wishers slander you by telling other nonsense.

A dream about fleas on a cat or dog that a person combes out, talks about trying to adjust your life, return to pleasant moments, find joy and satisfaction. The same interpretation has a dream about combing parasites from their hair. A flea dream of a cat often has a bad interpretation: from impending slander and misunderstandings with friends to unpleasant events in life.

If, in a dream, a person sees that a domestic cat has fleas, he needs to be aware of. Such a dream about fleas on a cat means that in the near future one of the friends will change their attitude for the worse and become hostile to you.It is better to prepare yourself mentally for such a turn of events.

Dream Dream Thelomena

The dream of a flea on a cat suggests that a person will have to work hard to get the desired money. You may even have to go against the law. If there were a large number of fleas in the dream, the person will have a lot of grief and problems. Therefore, if the plans were important things, they need to be postponed, otherwise, everything will collapse. If there were a lot of insects, a black stripe, despondency and sadness will come to your life.

Female dream book

If a woman, having seen fleas in her dream, is concerned about this, she needs to see the meaning of the dream, opening a female dream book. It says that fleas that sit or jump on her spouse or lover testify to his impermanence and possible infidelity. If insects bite a woman, then envious rumors are spreading about her.

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