What is a shake?

August 24, 2012
What is a shake?

Before us is again a borrowed word, of which there is simply plenty in our (and in others too) language. Shake The word is English, appeared quite a long time ago. Let's try to figure out what a shake is, what meaning this word had initially and in what sense it began to be used later.

Shayk: translation and meaning of the word

The literal translation of this word means ... "shaking." And entered into use as the designation of the English ballroom dance. Actually, the name was obtained because of the specifics of the dance: improvised, fast movements were accompanied by pronounced sharp movements of the shoulders (their shaking).

The dance was very popular in the second half of the 60s (20th century, of course) in Europe and the USA. In the USSR, this dance came into vogue in the early 70s.

Shayk: modern sound

Today, the word shake is known to most club lovers as some kind of mixed (from several ingredients) drink or cocktail. It is prepared in a device with a similar name - a shaker. The device, as a rule, consisting of several parts, in which different kinds of cocktails are prepared - necks, by shaking the ingredients for a few seconds.

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