What is a spinner and why is it needed?

Every generation has fashionable "tricks", and modern teenagers are literally going crazy with spinners. And what is it? And can such a thing benefit?

What is it?

What is a spinner? Modern "advanced" adolescents know the answer to this question, but for adults something should be clarified. Spinner is a kind of rotating toy (“spin” from English means “twist”). Other names are hand spinner and fidget soinner. In the center there is a bearing on which several weighted blades in the form of petals are fixed: they are actuated by the fingers and begin to rotate rapidly. Moreover, due to the special distribution of weight, the rotation can be very long, which is the main feature or "chip" of the product.

It is very simple to play with a spinner and set it in motion: it is enough to take it with two fingers (preferably with your thumb and forefinger or middle finger) and spin it with your remaining fingers or your other hand. And some are able to do all sorts of tricks, for example, to rotate a toy on one finger and different parts of the body.

The history of the first spinners

At the peak of the popularity of spinners in some media information about their origin. The creation was attributed to Kathryn Hettinger. A chemical engineer and a mother of a girl suffering from a rare disease, accompanied by muscle fatigue, decided to develop a toy for her daughter that could hold her hands and entertain the child.

Catherine made her out of newspaper and masking tape. The woman told about this in one of the interviews, but in the other she said that the idea came after seeing boys throwing stones at the police. And the rotating thing was meant to release energy. By the way, later, Hettinger stated that she agrees that modern spinners are very different from those once created by her.

On the Internet, you can find another version, according to which the doctors of one of the clinics for mentally ill offered patients to turn the bearings in their hands so that they could calm down and occupy themselves. And they were the basis for modern spinners. But this information is not confirmed.

What are the?

Today spinner is a popular form of entertainment for modern teens and children, and manufacturers are striving to improve these toys and produce new models.For the manufacture of various materials are used, such as plastic, ceramics, metals. A variety of colors, patterns and sizes.

Can vary the number of petals. The most common option is a three-blade spinner, but the blades can be two or four, and sometimes more. The most common form of petals is rounded, but they can be in the form of sharp straight rays or curved elements with pointed ends.

There are models with special effects, for example, a glowing or even spinning spinner. In its petals are batteries, which provide additional functions.

Are spinners useful?

Although spinner is considered by many to be nothing more than entertainment, it can be useful. Its benefits are in the following areas of impact on the body:

  • The development of fine motor skills. It is especially useful for children, as it affects the areas of the brain responsible for speech, memory, and other equally important functions. But adults also need to develop motor skills.
  • This is a good development of the hands and fingers after injuries or mobility restrictions.
  • Spinner can be used to relieve stress and distraction from problems.
  • It is believed that such a thing helps to fight bad habits.
  • Some use spinners to concentrate and focus on problem solving, as well as to find solutions.
  • Elimination of muscle tension of fingers and hands after their long work, for example, writing pen, typing, driving.
  • For hyperactive children, the product helps develop perseverance.
  • This is a good way to get away from gadgets.

Underwater rocks

Can an innocuous spinner cause harm? Yes, if it is of poor quality. First, such a product can damage your fingers. Secondly, unreliably fixed elements during a rapid rotation can fly off to the side and get into the eye or another part of the body. Thirdly, poor quality plastic is able to release toxic substances into the environment. Fourth, small parts can get into the respiratory tract or the digestive tract of young children.

If the spinner has turned from an entertainment and a way of relaxation into an obsessive occupation, then he can distract from learning and everyday affairs, to stop concentrating. And luminous elements with prolonged use negatively affect vision.

What to look for when buying?

When buying a spinner special attention should be paid to the quality of the product. Its surface should be perfectly smooth, and the rotation should be smooth, light and long. By the way, its duration is characterized by ABEC markings: the higher the score, the longer the blades will move.

The configuration and color palette are determined solely by personal preferences and tastes. You can choose an advanced model with luminous or emitting elements. But in any case, the spinner should be easy to use and ergonomic, so if you can, test it before buying to find out how comfortable it will be to hold the thing in your hand and rotate it.

Tip: buy a spinner better in a well-known store. You can also make an online order via the Internet.

Master simple self-made spinner

How to make a simple spinner with your own hands? To do this, prepare four plastic bottle caps, glue, an awl, scissors and an empty ballpoint pen. Glue the three covers side to the fourth, which will be central. In the center, make a hole with an awl; place a piece of the rod about 3 centimeters long in it. Take the rod with two fingers and rotate the homemade spinner.

If you still do not have a spinner, and he is interested in you, then get this fashionable thing.

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