What is customer focus

Customer focus is the focus of the organization as a whole and employees in particular on meeting all the needs of customers.

To withstand the competition it is necessary to adhere to a number of rules, including attracting new customers and retaining regular customers. To do this, it is necessary to develop a marketing program that is focused on the needs and wishes of real and potential customers, partners or customers.

The program may include:

  • a number of discounts and bonuses for wholesalers and regular customers;
  • promotional offers;
  • special services targeted to a specific group of clients.

Customer focus is beginning to interest businessmen more often if they want to increase sales, increase the number of customers, or make more profit than in the past reporting period. In other words, customer focus is a tool that allows you to get new loyal customers,due to what is an increase in profits of the organization

Customer-oriented company and its employees

There is a division into a client-oriented employee and a client-oriented company. For successful work it is important that the company's policy is aimed at meeting the interests of the client.

The company develops precise rules of employee behavior when communicating with customers. According to this document, the company makes hiring, training and monitoring the work of staff.

In order to develop such a regulation, the company must initially set the right priorities in work and behavior in conflict situations. In the field of sales and services, this usually concerns the rules for communicating with customers, returning or exchanging goods, returning money for a poorly rendered service and various bonus and discount promotions.

The customer-oriented business is designed exclusively for the long term, and over time these efforts pay off in the form of regular customers and a stable income. Enterprises that do not care about the needs of their customers are rapidly losing their reputation and become �ephemeral�.A customer-oriented company always first invests in advertising and reputation, but after a while it receives good dividends from it.

A customer-oriented employee is an employee who knows how to identify and sometimes even anticipate the needs of the client and fully implement them (within the framework of the law of the Russian Federation).

A customer-oriented employee is a very valuable workforce, because due to competent work with clients, the level of sales rises, new customers are attracted and, accordingly, profit and reputation grows.

Such experienced employees in the sphere of tourism, sales and personal services are especially appreciated. The main thing is not to overreact, as a result of the work, the client must be satisfied with the service, the goods purchased or the services rendered, and the company received the profit and positive feedback.

Internal and external customers

External customers are people who contact a company for a service.

Internal customers are directly employees of the company.

For successful work, the company needs to work not only with clients, but also with its own staff.Competent leaders value their cadres and in every possible way encourage and encourage them. However, the most correct approach to working with staff is a clear system of rewards and punishments. The employee must know his duties and be interested to work honestly and in good faith.

Satisfied with working conditions and the attitude of the authorities, employees work better, which affects their attitude to external customers and the profits of the company as a whole.

There is a list of factors by which one can judge how much an employee is client-oriented: calm and positive attitude; confident and friendly communication with the client; possession of information about the service or product; the ability to quickly adapt and find ways out in difficult conflict situations; competent speech and ability to convince; the ability to maneuver and find a common language with different clients.

A competent manager should understand that customer focus is not just good service. First of all, it is necessary to conduct employee training and introduce marketing techniques into the company's work.

One of the well-known definitions of marketing is: �Marketing is the process of anticipating and satisfying customer needs to your advantage.�It is precisely this prediction that should be trained by employees of the company, ranging from ordinary sellers and managers to the composition of directors.

Another important skill of client-oriented specialists is attentiveness. Observing and analyzing the behavior, requests, complaints and comments of customers, you can develop a number of very useful suggestions and techniques to make the work of the company more productive.

Do not save on marketers, they can take the company to a higher level.

Customer focus on the example of the hotel (hotel)

In the tourism business is very important factor such as customer orientation. Many people, choosing a hotel or a hotel for a holiday, largely rely on this factor.

As an example, we can cite a number of additional services in the tourism business, aimed at meeting the needs of its guests.

Special package for families with children:

  • providing a crib (cradle) for babies;
  • hire of strollers;
  • animation and children's parties;
  • children's heated pool;
  • playground;
  • babysitting and pediatrician services;
  • children's menu in the dining room;
  • discounts for large families and children up to a certain age;
  • organization of excursions;
  • rental of sports and children's equipment;
  • transfer.

Package "active recreation":

  • transfer;
  • organization of group and individual excursions;
  • disco;
  • the opportunity to purchase tickets for various events at the hotel reception;
  • car rental and scooter.

If the hotel is located in a beautiful natural area, marketers should make the most of this factor. The following services may be offered:

  • fishing;
  • horseback riding;
  • bath or sauna;
  • boating;
  • paintball in a designated part of the forest;
  • contact zoo;
  • mini farm

For the convenience of foreign guests, hotel staff must be fluent in English.

In tourism, the entire business is built on the principle of client-orientation. The staff of a good hotel must anticipate the wishes and satisfy all the needs of customers. In the tourism business, the main thing is the reputation and good reviews of holidaymakers. Satisfied with the service, food, organization of leisure and living conditions, guests will certainly return to the hotel more than once and be sure to advise it to their friends and acquaintances.

The main difference between a luxury hotel and a good one is that it does not have to ask for something extra. Guests immediately get everything you need and even more.

Customer orientation in sales

As for direct sales, customer focus in the industry plays a pivotal role. For example, home appliances stores provide customers with a range of free services:

  • delivery;
  • installation of equipment;
  • operating advice.

�Chain stores have their own websites and online stores. For the convenience of customers, large shopping centers have elevators, escalators, play areas and children's rooms, food courts, beautiful locations and original interior decoration. All this provides a comfortable stay and pleasant emotions from shopping. Almost all sellers are aimed at a pleasant and polite communication, especially if they receive a percentage of their sales. As a result, people spend a lot of time in stores and spend more money.

It can be concluded that the organization�s customer focus is based on three main principles: the company's desire to minimize customer problems during cooperation;detailed consideration of the problems and questions of the buyer with a complete and understandable explanation; conducting an evaluation analysis of profitability from sales; formation of a decent level of service.

If the management of the company will pay enough attention to customer focus, it will succeed. Satisfied customers will certainly advertise your business and leave good reviews, which will lead to its prosperity.

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