What is diaphragmatic breathing?

The human respiratory system is arranged in such a way that it does not require any help, all processes are automatic. But there are many techniques that can improve a person's general condition, relieve him of some ailments and even lose weight. One such technique is diaphragmatic breathing.

Breathe correctly

There are two types of breathing - thoracic and abdominal (it is diaphragmatic). Their difference is that in the thoracic, only the upper parts of the lungs are actively involved, thus, only 20% of this organ is put into operation. Most often, this type is found in older people. But during abdominal breathing, the dome-shaped muscle, which is located between the chest and abdominal cavity, enters the physiological process.

When a person inhales, the muscle strains, and the stomach, on the contrary, relaxes. On exhalation, the diaphragm passes into a calm state, thereby compressing the lungs and pushing the air out.

In modern conditions of haste, a polluted environment, a large crowd of people, a person basically breathes with his chest, and hence, is shallow.Over time, this can cause various pathological conditions, such as hypoxia, heart problems, obesity. Unfortunately, few really think about it, and in vain.

What are the benefits?

What is the use of diaphragmatic technique for an ordinary person?

  1. The blood is enriched with oxygen, triggering the active work of each organ.
  2. The work of the cardiovascular system improves, pains in the heart disappear, the state of the nervous system is normalized.
  3. Respiratory organs receive natural gymnastics, thus eliminating shortness of breath and broncho-pulmonary problems.
  4. Normalization of the digestive system, increasing the level of absorption of nutrients, cleansing of accumulated harmful substances. Man also ceases to suffer from constipation and swelling.
  5. Systematically doing exercises can easily get rid of excess weight.

Rules and breathing techniques

It should be understood that diaphragmatic breathing is not just an ordinary inhale-exhale, it is a system in which certain principles must be followed.

  1. Choose the right time. Experts recommend doing exercises in the morning after sleep, or in the evening before it. No one should disturb and distract you.
  2. The best position for mastering the right technique is lying down.
  3. To achieve the desired level and skills for complete relaxation of the diaphragm, you need at least 6 lessons.

Method 1

The simplest for the initial phase of the option consists of several steps.

  • Lie on your back with your right hand on your stomach, your left hand on your chest.
  • Practice chest breathing: take a few breaths so that only your left hand is raised.
  • Go to the abdominal type: inhaling, inflate the abdomen, and with each exhalation and subsequent inhalation, it should fall and rise, while the chest will remain almost stationary. Make sure that only the right hand is working.

Method 2

First you need to take a comfortable sitting position, and begin to breathe "belly", controlling the process with your hand. After that, you need to get on all fours, relax your abdominal muscles and actively breathe, opening your mouth.

The only caveat for this exercise - do not get carried away, because the active ventilation of the lungs can lead to dizziness. With a pose on all fours, you need to lie down with a small book on your stomach. This will simplify the process of monitoring the correct execution of the exercise.

Know the measure

Any similar technique should be approached very carefully and not try the first few times to comprehend everything. Diaphragmatic breathing can be harmful if you have not previously consulted a doctor. Among the contraindications is hypertension, as with the active movement of the diaphragm, the pressure inside the lungs and chest rises sharply.

During the first few sessions, you may experience a feeling of fear and dizziness. Do not be afraid of these conditions, they only say that a large amount of oxygen enters the blood, and anxiety is a natural reaction to an unfamiliar state.

Thanks to diaphragmatic breathing, you can develop the useful habit of morning or evening meditation, tuning yourself in a positive way and productive work. In addition, the technique perfectly helps to improve the body and improve health.

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