What is a raid?

Ekaterina Ermolaeva
Ekaterina Ermolaeva
December 19, 2014
What is a raid?

The word raid quite often sounds in the modern world from TV screens. And other media also do not avoid the use of this term. However, not all people understand what a raid is. We will talk about this now.

The use of the word "raid"

Raid in shipping

In navigation and navigation, it is customary to call such a section in front of the port entrance, where it is convenient for ships to anchor. It is usually quite calm compared to the open sea and not very deep, which actually allows ships to drop anchors. On the roads often there is also an overload of vessels, if they do not need to enter the port.

  • Example: This vessel is the second day in the raid.

Raid in military

In the military field, a surprise attack on the enemy’s rear is called a raid. Raids can be, for example, guerrilla, or artillery, or others - depending on the military unit involved in the attack.

"Raid" figuratively

Raid is called a sudden check that suits a group of individuals. The very group of people involved in these checks is also often called a raid.This term is very popular among the police, as well as among violators of the law. The first check the second, and the second raid call their attacks.

  • Examples: A raid on a bank is postponed to Friday. A raid on identifying drunk drivers behind the wheel was conducted over the weekend.

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