What is correct speech and how to achieve it?

We all know how to talk. But still, not all are beautifully and correctly expounding their thoughts: it is pleasant to listen to some, while others cannot convey a thought to the listener and attract attention. And how to learn competent speech? It is quite possible if you make efforts and act purposefully.

Why speak competently?

What is the right speech for? In general, conversation is the main communication tool of intelligent people, with its help they express their thoughts, transmit and receive information, achieve goals, that is, in fact, interact with each other. Although, of course, even incoherent phrases can be completely understood, but will they take a serious one who utters them? Surely not.

So why do we need the right speech?

  • To communicate and be understood. If you express yourself clearly, you can quickly convey your thoughts and get answers to questions.
  • To learn and grow. At present, educated people are valued, and in order to become just such a person and to achieve perception of oneself as an accomplished person, one must learn to speak correctly.
  • To achieve success in professional activities. An employee who does not know how to properly speak and express thoughts is unlikely to build a career, especially in a large organization. But a skilled and talented speaker will certainly show himself from the best side and become successful.
  • To educate the younger generation. Children absorb everything like sponges, and if parents express foul language or do not have the skills of competent speech, then the child probably will not learn to speak correctly.
  • To be proud of their language, because each is beautiful in its own way.

The essence of the concept

What is the correct speech? Such a concept does not have an exact definition, but it is completely logical that it implies the ability to competently, clearly and beautifully speak, express and communicate your thoughts, build phrases and sentences. It would seem that all of this has been taught to us since childhood, but this does not mean at all that everyone will be able to conduct a competent conversation. To learn to speak beautifully and correctly, you need to have sufficient vocabulary, to think logically and to make chains of words, to use the components of speech is appropriate and graceful.

Components of literate speech

The technique of competent speech includes several components:

  • Diction, that is, the correct and clear pronunciation of all sounds. Without this component, you will simply “distort” the words.
  • Breath. If you do not learn how to breathe properly during a conversation, then your speech will not be properly constructed and convincing enough. In addition, long sentences will automatically deliver discomfort.
  • Accurate, concise and clear presentation. It is not necessary to saturate the speech with unnecessary words: lingering sounds, introductory phrases, interjections and other not very important, and sometimes unnecessary elements.
  • Content is a topic of conversation, that is what you are talking about. You must initially define the essence and stick to it so that your thought is understandable and clear.
  • Logic is correctly constructed phrases and sentences, as well as appropriately used individual words. Competent speech must necessarily be logical, so that the speaker is understood.
  • Vocabulary - these are words that you know and know how to own. If a thought is complicated, then it is unlikely to be able to convey it with the help of a limited number of concepts.
  • Oral skills are what makes speech interesting, filled with meaning and emotion. Talented speakers used to be worth their weight in gold, and in modern life such skills will come in handy in many situations.

How to learn to do it right?

Mastering correct speech is a difficult and rather long process. And in order to learn how to speak correctly, act in a comprehensive and planned way, and also follow the advice given below:

  1. Read and retell more to read new words or phrases. Moreover, it is advisable to say everything out loud and choose the works of Russian classics for reading, they certainly knew how to speak fluently.
  2. See scientific or educational programs, so you can learn new concepts and terms, as well as be aware of what is happening in the world of events.
  3. To achieve perfect diction, first identify your shortcomings, and then proceed to eliminate them. And if it seems to you that everything is already so good, then this does not mean that you are really a wonderful announcer. Ask the opinion of a person who is educated and perfectly fluent in the language, he will point out mistakes and, possibly, help to correct them.If there is none, then record your conversation on the recorder and listen to the recording, sometimes the evaluation from the side is more objective.
  4. Learn to breathe. To do this, read more aloud or talk and adjust your breathing, adjust it to the articulation.
  5. Control your speech: do not speak too fast or, on the contrary, too slowly. The speed of pronunciation of words should be average, easy to read.
  6. For the formulation of correct speech, you need to learn how to correctly construct sentences. To do this, write out the catch phrases or stable expressions, remember the word order. You can also perform a simple exercise: try to describe any object or action, and it is beautiful, interesting and correct in a literary language.
  7. Watch not only for speech, but also for facial expressions and gestures. The movements of the face and hands must be moderate, otherwise you risk appearing unbalanced or inadequate.
  8. Expand your vocabulary. To do this, just daily refer to the explanatory dictionary and discover new concepts and terms. It is not only useful, but also very interesting.
  9. Learn to highlight the most important and get rid of parasitic words, then your thoughts will be clear, clear and clear. In order not to insert sounds, interjections and unnecessary introductory words into the conversation, define the essence, make a plan in advance, stick to it clearly and do not depart from the topic.
  10. Watch for intonation. If even a very interesting story is uttered in one tone and in one voice, then it may seem boring. The intonation must correspond to the importance of every thought or word, to emphasize the meaning of what has been said.
  11. Train, because the best way to learn and consolidate mastered information is practice. And in interlocutors it is better to choose an educated person, to communicate with him is much more interesting and useful.

If you still do not know how to speak correctly and beautifully, then begin to correct the situation as soon as possible. You'll see, it will do you good.

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