What is a thought?

“I think - therefore I exist” reads the statement of a prominent French philosopher and mathematician Rene Descartes. Thoughts arise in our head constantly. However, can you clarify what a thought is and how it is born in our mind? In this article we will try to figure out what the thought consists of, according to scientific research.

Meaning of term

There are several definitions of the concept of "thought". From the point of view of neurobiology, thought is only the result of the electrical activity of the brain, as a result of which significant changes occur within a large number of neurons in the intercellular space, in synoptic connections between nerve cells and in glial cells.

Scientific points of view

At present, science has advanced so far that by scanning brain activity using various methods, for example, by means of positron emission tomography or functional magnetic resonance imaging, scientists can track the occurrence of a specific reaction in your brain and determine what specific subject it was. caused and what was the reaction (fear, joy, anger, etc.).In the future, it is possible for scientists to decode using this technique, i.e. actually learn to read the mind of a person.

Some scientists believe that the ability to think is a kind of sixth sense. From this point of view, it is possible to talk about the so-called collective consciousness, which, under the influence of established traditions and customs, forces all individuals of a certain society to act in accordance with the rules established in society.


Understanding what collective consciousness is allows us to get closer to understanding what a way of thinking is. The way of thinking is the views and beliefs of the individual, in which his vision of a given situation is of a certain color and sometimes goes against the facts of reality. So, the same event can cause someone to positive emotions, and the other, on the contrary, negative or even fear.

Is it possible to change your way of thinking? Of course you can. However, this is a very long process that requires considerable effort. The nervous system can change only if some statement or model of behavior is imposed on it by numerous repetitions.This means that it is necessary to think regularly and in the right way to repeat to train your own consciousness. One of the most prominent examples of a change in thinking is meditation. However, it is not necessary to exercise daily for several hours in a row in a lotus pose, trying to comprehend the secrets of the universe. Begin by analyzing what the thoughts occur in your head after certain events. For example, if every time after the alarm bell you wake up with horror and think that you will soon have to go to a hated job, this is a reason to think about changing jobs.

There are also points of view according to which the world around us is capable of changing under the influence of the power of thought. What thoughts can materialize: just concentrate on the desired object, and you will definitely get it. There is no scientific evidence of such theories, but many people believe in it. Who knows, maybe soon it will be possible.

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