What is useful for ginkgo biloba?

Do you know that there are relic species of plants on the planet that have medicinal qualities? Meet - this is ginkgo biloba. Unique trees in some countries grow (European states, Japan), and in others they are cultivated (South Korea). This representative of the ancient flora has two types of reproductive cells - male, producing pollen, and female, producing seeds.

Unusual trees are pollinated with the help of air streams, which carry seed, and belong to the long-livers of the planet, reaching an age of two thousand years. The appearance of the relic is peculiar - it is a smooth to shine bark and crown, weeping or in the form of a column or a ball, with long bluish-green leaves. Moreover, male specimens are characterized by slender and groinlike flowers, and women's squat and flowers on elongated legs.

The European version reaches eighteen meters in height, and in its native climate ginkgo biloba grows to forty meters. Frost resistance and resistance to the effects of other unfavorable factors - insects, parasites, viruses, phytopathogenic fungi helped this tree to survive to this day.Even a polluted atmosphere does not threaten the life of ginkgo biloba. You must admit that this is really an unusual, durable specimen, which is ready to share its healing power with us.

Medicinal qualities

For medicinal purposes, it is customary to use the leaf part of the tree, despite the content of useful substances and in other components of the plant. The time of collection of material - autumn, the growing season. Relic leaves abound:

  • esters of linalool;
  • derivatives of phenylpropane;
  • special sesquiterpenes;
  • tricyclic diterpenes;
  • a unique ginkgolide;
  • irreplaceable flavin glycosides.

Useful properties of these specific substances, promote the expansion of blood vessels and increase the elasticity of their walls. They eliminate inflammatory processes, inhibiting the activation process. Given the inhibition factor inherent in the plant, it is indicated for the treatment of diseases such as:

  • myocardial infarction;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • arrhythmia.

It is a powerful antioxidant. For the human body, the plant is useful for the following purposes:

Ginkgo biloba has been recognized among modern doctors, who often use it in practice.But, despite the mass of useful qualities, the drug has not been recognized by the official medicine as medicinal. It is positioned as a dietary supplement.

Drug use

Aging is the natural process of the body, advancing for reasons independent of us and beyond our wishes. Old age itself does not frighten most people, but the attendant symptoms are alarming and disturbing. At the age of six and fifty years there is a threat of memory loss, Alzheimer's disease, senile insanity, and atherosclerosis.

To slow down the destructive processes in the body help drugs on a plant-based, including ginkgo biloba. Their regular use has a positive effect on the improvement of psycho-emotional state, memory and concentration of attention, eliminating headaches and reducing the formation of blood clots.

It is advisable to use drugs for diabetes, visual and auditory disorders. This is confirmed by American scientists on the results of scientific research. Specialists recommend plant-based preparations with:

  • encephalopathy and stroke;
  • craniocerebral injuries;
  • disorders of brain activity;
  • memory disorders, attacks of gratuitous fear;
  • problems with blood circulation;
  • noise in the ears, dizziness, reduced ability to work effectively.

It is possible to take the drug for prophylactic purposes for three months. The main form of release - tablets, which should be taken simultaneously with food. The course of treatment can be repeated several times a year, with a slight interruption.

On a note

Any remedy used for medicinal purposes has its own contraindications. Ginkgo biloba also has them. The category of people who are strictly prohibited from taking the drug include children under the age of sixteen, and women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Caution is required for those who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases and are prone to allergies. Patients with epilepsy can receive an increase in the frequency of seizures, and a certain category of patients can create the risk of all kinds of bleeding.

As soon as there are symptoms of plant rejection or increased sensitivity to the main component - the drug immediately stops.Only a reasonable use of dietary supplements, taking into account all the features of the individual's state of health, can have an effective effect on the body in the treatment of various diseases.

Forms of drugs

Feel the healing effects of relic plants on yourself with the help of various dosage forms that are used to improve health and prevention.

  1. Make the tincture of the leaves can be in the conditions of the house. To do this, they are filled with vodka in the ratio of 1:10, where one part of a sheet of ginkgo biloba and ten - alcohol, insist in the dark for two weeks. Then the tool is filtered, and used dropwise in the amount of fifteen drops per hundred grams of water. With a monthly course repeated three times a year, a stable positive result is achieved. And the spectrum of healing effects of tincture is amazing. This and the restoration of metabolism, and lowering cholesterol, and the normalization of pressure, and treatment of the heart and blood vessels, diabetes and hemorrhoids. Preventive prevention of heart attack and stroke, memory problems. And the tincture acts as an external agent in order to rejuvenate the skin of the face.
  2. The extract is especially popular among Chinese healers. It is a universal medicine donated by nature to humanity for the beneficial effects on brain, cardiovascular activity. Steroids in the extract inhibit cancer cells. Its antispastic properties are used in the treatment of bronchial asthma, lungs. In addition, the substance acts as an anthelmintic preparation. A single dose of the extract should not exceed twenty drops. It is bred in water before use. An effective course consists of forty days, repeated over a quarter.
  3. To strengthen the immune system, tea based on plants is good. The roots and leaves of ginkgo biloba, in combination with honeysuckle, greatly enhance the health outcome. After thirty days of taking tea, the mental activity noticeably improves, the reactions are sharpened, the mood improves. Tea prevents aging, fills with vitality.
  4. Oil on a plant basis restores a weak scalp, strengthening the roots. Used in the care of the skin, curing diseases in the form of ulcers, eczema and dermatitis. This is a great natural cosmetics for radiance of skin and hair.

How does science explain the success and healing of ginkgo biloba? The plant thins blood, improving blood formation. Modern scientists have proved this by determining the effective daily dose of the drug at one hundred twenty mg.

However, it is worth noting that the plant does not help everyone. At the same time, the above mentioned beneficial properties of an unusual tree give it the right to be considered an excellent herbal supplement in the conduct of therapy and the prevention of diseases.

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