Than really wash the red wine?

Many people like red wine, but stains from this drink can ruin the whole impression. But if you act quickly and correctly, you can get rid of them.

So, how can you wash the red wine off your clothes?

  1. It will help disinfectant for different surfaces, for example, "Domestos" or "Dosya". Apply a small amount to the stain, leave for half an hour, then rinse the thing in hot water. But this method is not suitable for colored things and delicate fabrics, as aggressive antibacterial components can spoil them.
  2. If there is nothing at hand, then try using boiling water. Just pour it on the stain and at the same time rub the fabric with a brush. But this method may not work, as some varieties of the drink, when interacting with boiling water, change shade, which can only aggravate the situation.
  3. With a fresh stain ammonia can cope. Dampen a cotton pad or tampon and treat the stain well. Repeat the procedure until there is not a trace left of the wine.
  4. Remove the fresh stain will help the folk remedies that our grandmothers used.The most effective is ordinary table salt. Just fill it with a damp stain, then immediately remove and pour a new portion. When the cloth becomes almost dry, rinse it in salted hot water (two or three tablespoons of salt should be added to a glass).
  5. Instead of salt to remove a moist stain, you can use starch, flour or filler for cat litter. Such funds also absorb wine and help to remove it from the fabric.
  6. Prepare a mixture consisting of half a glass of hot water, a tablespoon of ammonia and a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Apply the composition to the dirt and leave for an hour, then rinse with hot water.
  7. Table vinegar will help. Two or three tablespoons dissolve in half a glass of warm water. Apply the resulting liquid to the dirt, leave for a few minutes, and then rinse. But remember that for delicate fabrics (silk, wool, and so on) this product does not fit.
  8. Citric acid can be used instead of vinegar. Dissolve a teaspoon in 100 milliliters of warm or hot water and treat the area of ​​contamination with the composition, then rinse the material with clean, warm water.But citric acid for the treatment of delicate materials is also not suitable.
  9. An effective blend consisting of a part of glycerin, part of liquid ammonia, and three parts of vodka (or alcohol diluted with water in equal proportions) can help. Apply the composition to the stain for an hour, then rinse with clean warm water. If necessary, repeat the procedure.
  10. Remove the stain of wine from the white material using any bleach. Use it according to the instructions, then thoroughly rinse the thing. If a trace remains, then you can soak the product in the solution for several hours.
  11. Use milk to treat delicate fabrics. Heat it to 70-80 degrees (but do not boil) and apply on the stain. Scrub the cloth thoroughly, and then rinse in warm clean water.
  12. You can use soap, long known for its cleansing and whitening properties. Rub it on a grater and dissolve the chips in warm water to form a cloudy concentrated soap solution. Apply it to the area of ​​pollution and leave for half an hour, then wash the thing in the usual way and rinse.
  13. If you want to remove stains from colored clothing, you can use egg yolk and glycerin. Mix these two components in equal proportions and apply the composition to contaminated areas. After an hour, rinse the product first in warm water (in a hot yolk it quickly cools and will contaminate the material even more), then in a cold one. Then you can wash the thing in the usual way.
  14. A dry stain can be treated with shaving foam. Just put a small amount of it on the fabric, leave for an hour or two, and then wash it off with warm water and wash the thing.
  15. Mix a tablespoon of washing powder with half a glass of hydrogen peroxide and treat the stain with the prepared composition, then rinse the product. But delicate fabrics are not recommended to be treated with this product.
  16. Mix a tablespoon of salt with two tablespoons of lemon juice and use this remedy to remove the stain left by the red wine.
  17. Try using any fermented milk product, such as kefir, yogurt, whey or yogurt. After treatment, the item should be rinsed in warm water.
  18. You can try to "knock out a wedge with a wedge" using white wine.Soak a stain in it and cover it with a layer of soda. After a few hours, wash the item and rinse in hot water.
  19. You can try to remove the fresh stain with soda water. Several times treat it with a contamination site, and then wash the thing in a washing machine with a quality powder.


Some tips:

  1. Do not rub the fresh spots, but gently soak to prevent contamination.
  2. The fresher the stain, the easier it is to remove it, so that, after spilling the wine, start cleaning immediately.
  3. Any means is desirable to be pre-tested on an inconspicuous and small area of ​​the product to evaluate the reaction of the tissue and avoid damage to the thing.

Let the wine never spoils your stuff, but only improves your mood!

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