What should a young mother know about her firstborn

What should a young mother know about her firstbornPregnant women are not only in a special physical condition, but also experience quite unusual emotions. It's not just about hormones. The future mother worries about the baby's health and development, is nervous before childbirth and often experiences psychological discomfort. But for those who are going to give birth to their first child, the problems are aggravated by having to master a completely new activity. To learn all the details of how to care for a child can only after you have done it yourself. Even the care of a little brother or sister in childhood is not considered, since the main care is taken after all by the mother.

Children's room

A young mother should know that about the room in which her baby will live, you need to take care in advance. Then you will know for sure that after you leave the maternity home you will immediately return to a cozy nest.
Children's room
The nursery should be not only bright and interesting for the baby, but also convenient for the mother. After all, the first year the baby will actually not care where there is a closet and chest of drawers and under what wall toys are laid out. But mom needs everything necessary to be always at hand and could not accidentally hurt the baby.

Prepare a room for the baby with his father. The choice of wallpaper and the color of furniture is only a small part of the preparation. The future mother should know that the room does not need to put a lot of furniture or hang heavy curtains. Everything needs to be arranged so that there is an opportunity to quickly do the cleaning and not to collect excess dust. Therefore, avoid long pile carpets and flowering plants.


  1. Umbilical wound.While mother and baby are in the hospital, the nurse is caring for the navel. Be sure to see what and how it does, because at home you will have to carry out all the procedures yourself.
    Traditionally, the navel is treated with peroxide and brilliant green twice a day. Until the wound has healed, special diapers are used. But if the navel does not heal for a long time, changed color or discharge from it went, be sure to consult a doctor.
  2. Diaper change.The process itself is not difficult. But the future mother needs to know that after each change of the diaper, the child needs to be washed and wiped with a soft towel.
  3. We wash the babyboiled water at room temperature. To do this, take a cotton pad and wipe the face. Especially gently wash your eyes, and for each use a new wadded disk.
  4. Clean the spout for the newbornneed very neat. It is better to twist a piece of cotton in a bundle or use special cotton swabs, but by no means ordinary. If the crusts in the nose are dry, drip 1 drop of saline or saline into each nostril.
  5. Baby earsneed to be cleaned not only inside but also outside. Treat especially well behind the ears, as irritation often begins there. Never push the cotton wool too far into the ear. First, you can damage the ear canal or push the sulfur only deeper. Wash ears better cotton pad, but carefully watch that water does not get into the ear canal.
  6. Bathe the babyneed in a warm room (about 25 degrees) without drafts. The average water temperature is 37 degrees.While swimming, place the back of your head in your palm and gently wash it from top to bottom. After bathing, you can not intensively wipe the baby, it is better to slightly blot it with a soft towel.
  7. Children can cut off marigolds in three weeks. On their hands they cut a semicircle, and on their feet - in a straight line with special scissors.

What else you need to know a young mother

What else you need to know a young mother

In addition to hygiene, buying soft children's clothes and carefully planned meals, mom should not forget about herself. The general rules of care and feeding your baby will tell you in the maternity hospital. But there no one will warn you that you personally will feel.

  • Constant fatigue. To the usual household chores added the most important thing - caring for the baby. Do not try to do everything and become an ideal. It will be much more pleasant for a baby to see a merry mother, and not a shaggy, evil little woman with bruises under her eyes. Do not neglect the achievements of civilization (napkins, diapers, ready-made baby food) and facilitate the work in the kitchen with small household appliances.
  • Postpartum depression. The constant cycle of worries and their monotony lead to emotional breakdowns.Talk heart to heart with your husband and ask him to help you more or consult with a specialist.
  • Relations with her husband begin to deteriorate. All your attention will be given to the baby. But do not forget that even though you became parents, you did not cease to be a husband and wife. In this case, the husband should help you at the first convenient opportunity and facilitate life.

Mom should not forget about yourself

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