What spices will warm in the winter and strengthen the immune system

In order for spices and spices to bring only benefit in winter, they must be properly consumed. First, it is important to observe the amount and not eat these foods in the evening, otherwise it will be difficult to sleep. Secondly, do not eat dishes with spices before going out, as they improve heat transfer and increase the risk of hypothermia.

What spices are useful in winter?

In cold season, allspice, pepper, cloves, anise, cinnamon and blends of oriental spices help improve health. They can be put in soups, pies, drinks and sauces.

  • Cardamom.Adding this spice to homemade bread, soups, chocolate desserts, tea and rice dishes will avoid many diseases: colds, bronchitis, cystitis and asthma, as well as get rid of toothache. And coffee lovers with cardamom will reduce the effect of caffeine on the heart. Green tea with this spice will help the stomach after the New Year's feast.
  • Cinnamon.It can often be found in desserts and drinks, as it gives dishes a pleasant sweetish taste.It will not be superfluous in smoothies, cereals, baking and soups. Cinnamon is added to baked apples, fruit salads, warming drinks (including punch and mulled wine), compotes and yoghurts.
  • Ginger.This spice has anti-inflammatory and warming properties. Ginger will help to normalize pressure, reduce fever, get rid of muscle pain during a cold, strengthen the immune system. Especially popular is tea with ginger.
  • Nutmeg.It is added in small quantities, because the composition of this spice includes phenols. Nutmeg is put into warm dishes and drinks: meat broths, compotes, cocoa, meat sauces, poultry dishes and fish. Spice has a beneficial effect on the heart and stomach, it is used in the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis and other diseases.
  • Anise.This is a real find for the body in the winter. It is useful for the lungs, stomach and intestines. With it, you can get rid of headaches and improve mood. Anise is added to hot drinks, soups and pastries.

In order not to get sick and not be subjected to depression at any time of the year, we must not forget about the spices and the rules for their use.They will not only protect against diseases, but also improve mood.

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