What if you have severe flatulence?

The intestine contains about 200 ml of gases. They are formed as a result of the digestion of food, are produced by the stomach and enter the intestine from the blood (after breathing air). Normally, gases are promptly excreted through the rectum. But it also happens that they accumulate in the abdominal cavity, and cause inconvenience, and even pain.

This condition is called flatulence. Why it arises, and how to deal with it, tell you next.

Unpleasant frustration

Abdominal distension (flatulence) - a frequent phenomenon in our time. And it occurs not only in newborns suffering from colic, but also in adults. Let's first find out why it appears.

  1. Not enough chewed food. Not for nothing that in childhood everyone was told that food should be chewed carefully. And all because large pieces, not being able to digest in the small intestine, fall into such a fat, causing bloating.
  2. Incorrect food. If the balance is disturbed, and there is too much fiber in your diet, then do not be surprised that your stomach can systematically remind you of this.
  3. Intolerance to certain foods and insufficient production of enzymes. Sometimes, some foods individually can cause increased gas formation. The same situation can develop and when the body produces insufficient enzymes for the splitting of food. As a consequence, the food is not fully digested, the festering processes begin to develop, which causes gas formation.
  4. Dysbacteriosis. In the intestine, bacteria exist peacefully which, on condition of normal microflora, absorb some of the gases. But when this balance is disturbed, the bacteria can no longer fully perform their function.
  5. Surgical intervention. They significantly reduce intestinal motility, because the promotion of food through it is difficult, and it is - favorable conditions for the processes of fermentation.

Boiling in the abdomen and bloating can also occur after eating fatty foods, especially large portions. Since this provokes an excessive load on the digestive system.

Such a problem is threatened by those who eat quickly and speak while eating. In this way, excessive air is swallowed, which enters the stomach.

In women, flatulence often occurs during ovulation and pregnancy.

It has also been proven that permanently under stress can cause a similar problem in men. In this state, the intestinal musculature is reduced, and prevents the normal discharge of gas.

These symptoms indicate increased flatulence:

We do not lose time

Blistering requires compulsory treatment if it manifests itself systematically and causes discomfort. Let's start with what you can do yourself.

Nutrition Revision

Make it easy, but the effect is not long in coming.

  1. To minimize the consumption of foods containing fiber (it activates the gastrointestinal tract), carbonated drinks, coffee, chocolate. The emphasis is on food rich in vitamin B and E.
  2. Pay attention to foods high in lactose. Milk, breakfast cereals, condensed milk, sweets. The fact is that with age, the body's ability to break down lactose decreases, and therefore, after eating sweets, you can not only wait for gases, but also diarrhea, nausea, and even vomiting.
  3. To increase the number of boiled vegetables, porridges boiled in water, lean meat.Bread is desirable to choose with bran.
  4. Eating should be fractional, overeating is one of the enemies of the “calm belly”.
  5. Recall the well-known saying “when I eat, I am deaf and dumb” and stick to this rule. Lively conversation while eating is not the best choice.

Drug therapy

If the problem has become more serious, then you should seek help from a doctor. Usually in such cases, appoint:

  • sorbents that absorb harmful substances and remove them from the body;
  • preparations based on simethicone. The gas bubbles, being in a liquid, form a foam. Simethicone helps reduce the surface tension of the bubbles, thereby quickly improving well-being.
  • nonabsorbable antibiotics.


If you do not want to use pharmaceutical preparations, you can turn to folk remedies. Help come to everyone:

These fresh herbs can be added to dishes. For tea, you can put mint and ginger for the same purpose.

You can also try to start taking probiotics. They will help improve the digestion and discharge of gases.

Physical activity is also important. Walking has a positive effect on the digestive process and intestinal motility.

Take care of your health and in time seek medical help.

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