What to do when threatened with preterm labor?

Pregnancy is a great time. But, unfortunately, things can go wrong. For example, a baby can be born prematurely, which is very dangerous. And what to do with the threat of premature birth?

What it is?

Premature are those that occurred earlier than the prescribed period, namely, from 22 to 37 weeks (births that occurred before the 22nd week are considered to be miscarriage in the later periods). Such labors can be either artificially caused (for medical reasons, for example, in certain diseases of the mother or fetal defects), or spontaneous, that is, they begin suddenly and without any outside intervention.

Do not worry ahead of time

Also, preterm labor can be divided into threatening, beginning and also beginning. Those who start can not be stopped, so it is extremely important to detect alarming symptoms in time and seek help Moreover, today even very premature babies are saved and nursed.

What causes childbirth to start early?

What could be the threat of premature birth? We list the possible reasons:

  • Cervical insufficiency. With this pathology, the cervix, which should close the exit from the uterus and open only at a certain moment (that is, before the birth), weakens and begins to unfold earlier than necessary. Isthmiko-cervical insufficiency can be congenital, but much more often it is a consequence of the operations carried by a woman.
  • Many water. Amniotic fluid is necessary because it surrounds the unborn child and protects it. But if the volume of the amniotic fluid is excessive, then the uterus is strongly stretched and, by inertia, begins to shrink, expelling the fetus before the prescribed time.
  • Infectious or inflammatory diseases of the genital organs. Thus, inflammation can spread to the muscles of the uterus and affect it. And because of this, this body, which should normally stretch, cannot do this and begins to try to return to its normal position, expelling the fetus.
  • The risk of premature birth is significantly increased in multiple pregnancies, which is associated with excessive stretching of the uterus.
  • Low location (previa) placenta.In this case, the fetus is so low that the cervix simply cannot restrain it and begins to open prematurely.
  • Hormonal disorders. If the amount of sex hormones responsible for the normal course of pregnancy changes, then the structure of the cervical tissue will change, because of what it can open ahead of time.
  • The threat of premature birth often occurs in women with pathologies of the uterus, such as the two-horned uterus or saddle, infantilism or cervical hypoplasia.
  • Gestosis is an extremely dangerous condition, accompanied by the development of the strongest edema and an increase in the level of arterial pressure.
  • Chronic or congenital diseases of the future mother: heart defects, kidney failure, diabetes, hypertension and so on. In this case, the body, feeling threatened and unable to cope with the loads, will try to get rid of the fetus.
  • Heavy work and increased workloads can also provoke the onset of labor before the term.
  • Rhesus conflict is a condition in which the mother’s blood is incompatible with the blood of the fetus (this happens if a woman has a Rh negative and a future child has a positive one).
  • The negative habits of a pregnant woman, in particular smoking or alcoholism, also have a negative effect.
  • Injuries.
  • Uterine fibroids.
  • Stress.
  • Age (over 40 and under 15-17).

How to recognize?

There are alarming signs on which it is possible to identify the threat of premature birth:

  • Aching in the lumbar region, as well as in the lower abdomen.
  • Squeezing in the pelvic region, raspiranie in this zone, pain in the pubic part.
  • Contractions. The contractions of the uterus can be very painful (but at first the pain is most often not felt), chaotic or persistent and regular.
  • Often there are urges to defecate, which is associated with contractions of the uterus and intestinal walls.
  • Bloody issues. This symptom should alert you, as in the normal selection should be transparent or whitish.
  • If there is a partial or complete rupture of the fetal bladder, water may begin to flow.

If you find the symptoms listed above, call an ambulance immediately.

What to do: first aid

What can a pregnant woman do before the arrival of the doctors? Here is the sequence of actions:

  1. First you need to calm down. This is difficult, but it is important to understand that stress will only exacerbate the situation.If you have a plant-based sedative (an extract of valerian or motherwort) at your fingertips, take it.
  2. Take a horizontal position and try not to make unnecessary movements, it is extremely undesirable and dangerous.
  3. If you have “No-shpa”, take two tablets, this drug will relax the muscles of the uterus and avoid hypertonia and the beginning of intense contractions.

In any case, the arrived doctors will offer you hospitalization, and you cannot refuse it. But do not collect things. First, these are unnecessary movements, but they are dangerous. Secondly, in case of need you will be brought back by your relatives.

What will the doctors do?

Do not wind yourself

In the clinical setting, diagnostics will be carried out, which usually includes an examination on a gynecological chair, an ultrasound examination, and blood and urine tests.

The examination will allow you to assess the condition of the cervix, ultrasound will help to examine the uterine cavity and the future child, and the tests are necessary to determine the composition of blood and urine (some changes are signs of pathologies and ailments), and to identify infections.

Therapy most often includes the following measures:

  1. In almost all cases, doctors prescribe medications that reduce the tone of the uterus and relax smooth muscles. These include “Ginipral” and “Papaverine”. In the case of a slight tone, you will need to take pills or use rectal suppositories, but sometimes you need injections or intravenous fluids (droppers). If the threat persists, the medication continues until the 37-38th week of pregnancy.
  2. If an infection is detected, antibacterial drugs will be prescribed.
  3. It is often necessary to take sedatives that normalize the psychological state of the expectant mother.
  4. If the cause of the threat of premature birth is cervical insufficiency, then a cervix may be stitched, which can only be removed in the last stages of gestation. Obstetric pessary is sometimes used instead of sutures, which prevents early cervical dilatation.
  5. If doctors evaluate the condition as difficult, they will start preparing the pregnant woman and the unborn child for childbirth. In this case, the use of drugs that accelerate the maturation and disclosure of the lung of the fetus, as well as other organs.
  6. If the future mother is released from the clinic home, then she will have to comply with all the prescriptions of doctors.

Danger of preterm birth

What are dangerous preterm birth? The fruit on such early terms is not yet ready for birth and for life outside the womb of the mother. Some systems and organs have not yet had time to form.

Often, premature babies are nursed, and yet there is a risk of death, as well as developmental delays and some pathologies. But the qualified help of specialists and the positive attitude of the mother will increase the chances of a crumbs for a normal life.

How to protect yourself from the threat?

Prevention of the threat of preterm birth includes the following measures:

  • Monitor your health and on time pass all the necessary examinations.
  • Control your condition.
  • Avoid excessive loads.
  • Do not allow contact with sick people.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle.

All future mothers want to wish health and timely delivery.

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