What to give mother?

Mother is the main person in the life of each of us. That is why it is always so difficult for her to choose a gift. After all, all the time it seems to us that our mother deserves only the best.

In case you can’t think at all what to give to your mother, we have compiled a small list of possible gifts.

Cosmetics and perfumes

A win-win gift for any woman of any age. If you are afraid to make a mistake with the choice of a suitable scent or shade of shadows, it is better to present a gift certificate of the corresponding store.

Home clothes

It is very difficult to choose clothes for another person, even knowing their size precisely - any thing you need to measure and watch how it sits on the figure. Perhaps the only exception to this rule is home clothing. At any age, a woman should remain attractive even at home. Therefore, you can give your mother a beautiful nightgown, pajamas, home dress or a comfortable bathrobe.


If you can afford to pamper your mother with an expensive gift, buy some jewelry for her. In the extreme case - decoration with natural stones.It is no longer worth giving women a costume jewelry. If gold and silver products you can not afford, you can look at some interesting accessory made of semi-precious metals with gold or silver plated. For example, gold-plated wristwatches.

A bag

Evening small handbag or clutch is one of those items that your mother is unlikely to buy for herself without a reason. However, such a gift will surely please her and make her go, for example, to the cinema or the theater.

Book to write recipes

Every woman has her own specialties, the taste of which cannot be confused with anything else. If you do not want any of the recipes of my mother's branded dishes to be lost, give her a special note-book cookbook. It may seem to someone that in the 21st century it is barbarism to record anything by hand. However, we assure you that it is much easier to cook with a notebook at the stove than with a laptop or desktop computer.


It is not clear where this passion came from, but so many women collect bedding sets at home. Perhaps this tradition goes back to ancient times, when it was decided to collect a dowry for daughters, including bed linen. How to know.However, the fact remains that so many women will be delighted with such a gift. If you do not want to give clothes, you can buy a cozy soft blanket or a warm blanket - they will also always come in handy.


No need to give the mother such household appliances, which would create her even more new troubles. Give some really useful gift that will help her to reduce the time for housekeeping. This may be a washing machine or dishwasher, food processor, microwave, etc.

Souvenir with congratulatory inscription

Women are generally very sentimental. Especially with regard to their children. Do you remember how in childhood mother was sincerely moved by the picture you painted or by the plasticine figure molded on the occasion of her birthday? Radically, over time, nothing has changed. However, now you have the opportunity to replace hand-made crafts from cardboard and plasticine with various cute souvenirs and just order a special greeting inscription on them. We guarantee that soon your gift will take pride of place in my mother's room, somewhere in a prominent place where everyone can see it.

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