What water is better to drink to be healthy?

Water - this is life! This phrase at least once heard each of us. But what do we know about it? We know that water consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, it would seem a simple compound, nothing complicated. Yes, and the properties of the substance should be the most common.

But is this so ... Water is a substance that happens in three states of aggregation - gaseous, liquid and solid. All substances in a solid state are compressed, and water increases its volume. We are born in it, we die without it.

The human body is designed for consumption from one and a half to two liters of liquid per day. This is under normal conditions. With increasing physical exertion or simply hot conditions, the need for water consumption increases. Scientists have calculated that the average amount of water drunk by a person over the entire life span is equivalent to 75 tons. Its content in the body is 70-85%.

To summarize, water is essential in the life of any person.Moreover, the properties and quality of water directly affect people's health and life expectancy.

Let's think about what signs help ordinary people to assess the quality of water. First, let's deal with the concept of "drinking water".

Drinking water is water that, when used in unlimited quantities throughout a person’s life, will not harm him.

In this case, the origin can be very different: it can be a mountain spring, a well, or even just tap water. The conditions that must be respected are taste and safety, that is, water must be suitable for daily use for drinking and household purposes, or for food production purposes. Today, the sources of drinking water for most people are:

  • artificial sources or the so-called central water supply (from the tap);
  • groundwater (pump rooms, wells, boreholes);
  • packaged or bottled.

Most attention should be paid to the quality of drinking water to expectant mothers, since they are responsible for the life and health of the unborn child.

There are restrictions for drinking mineral water - it should not be drunk without a doctor's recommendation for people with heart and abdominal diseases.

It is also necessary to remember that warm water contributes to gassing, and ice packs can cause digestive disorders. Because of this, room water is the ideal option, although it is rarely observed in hot weather.

If you use bottled water, then it is necessary to change its brand as often as possible. Thus, you get the maximum beneficial properties of each type of water.

Water has the property of aging, so it is advisable to drink it fresh. The easiest way to determine the shelf life of bottled water, there it is indicated on the label (usually for plastic bottles it is 3-18 months, the shelf life of water in glass bottles reaches 24 months). When stored in open vessels, the shelf life is no more than 3 days, after which it must be boiled.

People who know a lot about diets always drink a glass of water before breakfast, so they get rid of toxins, fill the stomach and, as a result, eat less.

Which one to choose?

When drinking water from open sources there is a risk of poisoning, as at present the level of environmental pollution is high. Filters are not so useful, as it turned out, they are more harmful than helpful. However, there is a way out.

Perhaps you have not forgotten how you were told fairy tales in childhood, where the main characters, using the living and dead water, saved each other’s lives. Yes, but these are tales, you will say. Each fairy tale is born from real events, and here. Living water, dead water actually exist, and, most interestingly, you can get it yourself from ordinary tap water.

Let's see what is the living and dead water.

Dead - is a very acidic water, the range of its PH ranges from 1 to 3. This type of water is the strongest oxidizer. It should be used for inflammatory viral or infectious diseases, or in case of allergies.

Live - full antipode of dead water. It is called alkaline, since its PH level is about 10 units. Living water is a powerful antioxidant, as well as immunomodulatory properties are attributed to it. Plus, it improves the processes of regeneration of body tissues, enhances metabolism, promotes better blood circulation.

The method of obtaining this or that type of water is its electrolysis.Thanks to the extraordinary device, they receive living water - it is called catholyte, and also receive dead water, otherwise called anolyte.

If you combine living and dead water, they form crystal clear water, structured water, water without any negative qualities, it will even be cleared of information. Such water is a kind of natural, natural, structured, undoubtedly useful for the human body.

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