When you need to do a major overhaul of the house according to the sign of the zodiac

When you need to do a major overhaul of the house according to the sign of the zodiac

We do repairs on zodiac sign

All our homes depend on the age sign of the zodiac as we do. But if for a person the age period lasts seven years, then for a house it is thirty years. Where did this figure come from and why do we need to know how old the house is? An interesting site will help to calculate.


Everything is explained quite simply. As you know, the main planet, "managing" in the house - Saturn. The real cycle of the circulation of Saturn is 30 years: over the years the house and lives the next age cycle. And follow the periods of each other, according to the usual scheme - according to the zodiac.


Although modern homes are not designed for 300 years, but only for 30-90, that is, one or three ages live, however, the repair rules for such a short century remain the same.


At the end of each age period, it is necessary to do an overhaul of the apartment with your own hands - to replace the apartment pipes, some utilities, plumbing, kitchen equipment, windows and doors, and restoration of the flooring. And every eight to ten years, i.e.three times in one age, redecoration is necessary - replacement of wallpaper, tile, finishing materials, etc.


Aries Age (0-30)

The house is trimmed and settled from the inside: communications are installed in each apartment, plumbing, kitchen equipment are installed, floors are laid, wallpaper is glued, doors, locks and many other things are installed, which makes the building habitable. In the same period, it is actively populated by residents and itself settles on the land on which it was built. Inhabitants get used to the house, trying to adapt it for themselves. At the age of Aries, the house raises the first generation of its tenants.


In the period of Aries, any house shrinks, all parts and materials from which it was built are tested for strength. Until the house is out of “Aries' age,” it is not worth rebuilding anything: it will not benefit you or the structure.


Who is good in this house? Children - from babies to seven-year-old kids - are unlikely to feel comfortable and cozy: they will compete with the house, as it should be for two stubborn and hot Aries. But the older children, experiencing the age of Taurus, and adolescents in the age of Gemini “Aries' house” will just fit!


Age of Taurus (30-60)

This period is the most prolific for the inhabitants, the coziest, the most favorable for living. During these years, the building will only benefit from the restructuring, completion and other alterations that can change the appearance of the home. I must say that in the age of Taurus it is better to change the house outside, not to engage in redevelopment of the interior. It is important to update the surroundings of the house: as necessary, transplant, prune, plant trees planted during the Aries period, change the landscape design. It would also be nice to change the shape of the porch and the roof, the configuration of some walls, if we are talking about a cottage or a separate house.


In the house, which is in the age of Taurus, everyone lives well, except for the age-old Scorpions and Aquarius. Most of all such houses are liked by Virgos.


Gemini Age (60-90)

The house begins to fill with new tenants: the former, as a rule, I want to move somewhere. In the house apartments are sold, it costs a lot of empty ones.


In the years of the Twins, you can cut or thin out the garden and old trees around the house. If it is a country house or a country house, it will be necessary to break up flower beds and flower beds at the site of the garden, and move the beds to another corner of the plot.In the age of Gemini need to update or change the balconies and stairs. To finish building an attic, to equip attic space.


At this age, animals help the renovation of the house: the more of them, the better the building feels.


Cancer Age (90-120)

Internal alteration of the house, renovation of ceilings, ceilings, floors, disinfection of basements, replacement of basement communications is obligatory.


Often, homes at this age are given as dormitories, private hotels, and hospitals. Living in a house that is in the age of Cancer is quite comfortable, except for private damage to elevators, electrical appliances, and breakthroughs of central heating pipes.


The house of Cancer is very good for young children and adolescents. Age Crayfish, Lions, Sagittarius and Pisces feel good in it. Moreover, Lions and Sagittarius often ennoble these houses both externally and internally, investing large amounts of money in repairs.


Age of the Lion (120-150)

Time to make the most luxurious repair ever. During this period houses are often the property of institutions. It can accommodate a theater, club, art gallery, casino, sometimes it can make a kindergarten or even a maternity hospital.It is interesting that at this time it is often accepted to restore the original appearance and interior interiors of the building. If a house remains residential, many children are born in it, as a rule, many wealthy people rent or buy apartments there - mainly Age Scales, Scorpios, Sagittarius, Capricorns


Age of Virgo (150-180)

The house requires careful repair. Without replacing the roof and full restoration of attics can not do. It is important to pay attention to all extensions that were created in other periods. If they are dilapidated, they should be repaired. Houses at this age are often given as medical institutions, research institutes, filled with small shops, little firms, are converted into warehouses.


This house is not very cozy: it usually houses lonely people - widows, old maidens, bachelors and students. Young families in such a house quickly fall apart, children get sick.


Age of Scorpio (210-240)

The house needs a major overhaul with elements of reconstruction, complete replacement of communications, renovation of floors, inspection of supporting structures, otherwise such a building could collapse overnight, crushing residents and passers-by to pieces with debris.


Homes at this age are often accidentally inherited by those who do not expect it. "Scorpio houses" do not like the Age of Sagittarius (240-270)


Not a very favorable period, since the house is subject to fire, deliberate arson, urgent, hasty and not very high-quality alterations.


In the house of Sagittarius, tenants change quickly, rooms can be rented or the whole house can be converted into a hotel or hostel, but only for a short time.


Residents in it are mostly either very young or very old. Especially comfortable in such a house to large families.


Age of Capricorn (270-300)

At this age the house, living out its century without a good overhaul, wants to support itself at the expense of new tenants. That is why in such a house more often than in others, twins and triplets are born. If old people live in it, then it will slowly but surely fall apart - as they say, before our eyes.


House age Capricorn love Cancers and representatives of the Capricorn sign. They specifically seek them out to feel themselves under the wired secular walls.


Perfect home

Ideally, the house should be designed for 300 years - that is, at ten ages.Why not 12, like people? The fact is that the age of Pisces and Aquarius, to which a person comes to the end of his life, are the years of rebirth, spiritual renewal and purification. It is as if a man begins his life from a clean slate, tries himself in what he previously considered to be unlawful or unattainable. In other words, a person changes.


A home cannot spiritually renew itself and rethink itself. But after 300 years any building will be left for demolition, either completely rebuilt, or carefully preserved for posterity.

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