Where is the city of Kirov?

Samuel El Midlake
Samuel El Midlake
January 9, 2013
Where is the city of Kirov?

The city of Kirov is located on the territory of the Russian Federation in the Kirov region of the same name. The administrative center is located at a distance of 896 km from the capital of Moscow, and is located on the Vyatka River, which originally served as the name of the city. From the point of view of the time zone, the city of Kirov is located where the 4th time zone is located, so that the inhabitants of Kirov live one time with the Muscovites. For lovers of exact figures, we give detailed geographical coordinates of Kirov: the intersection of 58 ° 36? 00? north latitude belt and 49 ° 39? 00? meridian of east longitude.

The former names of the city of Kirov are: Vyatka and Khlynov. Moreover, it is interesting that the city wore the name Vyatka twice: from its foundation in 1181 to 1457, and another time from 1781 to 1934. In the period 1457-1781 The city of Kirov bore the name Khlynov.

Cultural Heritage of Kirov

In addition to the rich geographical and historical information, which the city of Kirov has (where the first man-made Dymkovo toy is located), numerous cultural treasures have found refuge.A large number of temples, churches and cathedrals are located on the territory of this administrative unit. There was even a place for the Vyatka Cathedral Mosque.

Kirov is rich in many parks, museums, palaces of culture, theaters. There is a rapid development of new neighborhoods, while preserving the historical and cultural heritage.

Many great cultural and historical heritage figures were exiled to this particular city. Kirov became a refuge for the exiles of the Romanov family, Herzen, Saltykov-Shchedrin, Bauman and many other historical figures.

In 2013, in Kirov, it is planned to complete the project of building a plant for processing blood plasma, the largest in Russia and Europe. This building will be one of the bricks in the foundation of the innovative construction of the city.

If you became interested in the history of the city, as well as the modern life of the people of Kirov, and want to find out everything in detail, visit.

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