Where to stop?

Sexual life in the unconditional part is reflected in our social life, so scientists have proved. If we are able to properly relax and relax, then we form a good mood, we have more energy, and our body is in excellent tone. It is regular sex with a regular sexual partner that can give us the opportunity to experience all the variety of poses, to enjoy a feeling of complete satisfaction. One of the most enjoyable things about sex is the conversation about it, the exchange of fantasies and desires helps to reveal in yourself and your partner an unimaginable stream of new and new ideas to diversify your sex life. It so happens that many people talk about the process itself and how beautiful it is, but the goal that most men and women are pursuing is getting an orgasm. The highest point of pleasure is achieved in all of them in different ways and with varying degrees of the power of pleasure, someone instantly, someone much longer. The only difference is in where to end. There are a lot of options for ending sexual intercourse in nature, and perhaps over the years people will find more and more interesting ways, but in nature the most well-known are some of those presented below.So where do men end up? Where do guys end up? And where better to stop, to bring the girl pleasant emotions and feelings? Now we will try to answer these questions.

Undoubtedly, the most exciting for most partners is getting an orgasm inside the girl. With full confidence we can name three main ways: orally, vaginally and anally, so where can you finish:


From time immemorial for man there was the most traditional and natural way to get pleasure. Until now, in the modern world, we still enjoy this kind of sex. The answer to the question where to end it is obvious, if possible in a woman's vagina. The ability to cum inside the girl gets young people and gives them the greatest degree of arousal. Of course, we should not forget about the condom, the best means of protection from all sorts of diseases, as well as allow yourself to be protected from unwanted pregnancy.


To give pleasure to a man is thus considered to be a very refined and skillful skill of her partner, and the opportunity to bring this process “to the end” will allow the young man to relax and get indescribable feelings.Before you start this type of sex, you need to make sure that your partner does not mind what you are going to do, because the taste and smell of sperm may not be very pleasant for a girl, so that everything works out mutual and well, it’s better to clarify such moments in advance.


Such a method is considered very individual, and for its implementation it is necessary to obtain the consent of both partners. Anal sex can be one of the most unusual and pleasant ways to get pleasure, if everything is done correctly. Be sure to use a condom and use a variety of specialized lubricants. However, anal orgasm looks a little different than traditional, so this will allow you to get new sensations from your sex life.

Body parts

One way to end sexual intercourse is to cum on any part of your partner's body. This method is in the nature of fantasy. The desire to show the girl that her particular part of the body is very sexually attractive for a man, allows you to start the engine, from the thought to fulfill your imagination. So which parts of the body can serve as an example? In fact, completely different, which for some will be unacceptable and perverse, for the other couple will be exciting and desirable.The most common in everyday life fantasies associated with the desire to finish on the chest, ass, stomach, back and how it did not sound went to the girl's face. With options for parts of the body, everything is more or less clear, however, a girl should face sperm with extreme caution when she gets on the mucous membrane (in the eyes or in the nose) and can cause her irritation and discomfort.

Different items

It happens that guys can finish on clothes, the option is not the most beautiful, but here it is important that the wash is carried out in cold water, because the protein contained in the sperm at high temperatures folds and becomes sticky, so it does not wash out of clothes. And of course it can be your bedding, furniture, floor, whatever, remember, the main thing is to have fun and not worry that you have spoiled things.

Where to finish the girl? They rarely think about this question, because in its physiology the girl ends up without a large and sharp discharge of fluids. However, there are a number of girls who may experience a jet orgasm or as it is called squirting. Squirting is a sharp release of a small amount of clear fluid from the vagina during orgasm.In this case, the girl should also think about where to stop, discuss it with her partner.

Perhaps there are so many options that they can be limited only by your imagination and emancipation. Who would not say that sex is a subtle science, and it is better to comprehend it in practice, therefore, equip yourself with imagination, mad love and respect for your partner and enjoy each other.

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