Where to sell the phone?

Elena Krylova
Elena Krylova
March 19, 2013
Where to sell the phone?

The technology is developing so rapidly that the gadgets we buy are aging every day, and it is very difficult to keep up with the new products. For some, this “arms race” is absolutely useless. For others, it is fundamentally important to have a new phone model. So what do those who want to sell the old phone model, where to sell the phone.


Sell ​​the phone to buyers - the fastest option, although, of course, the least profitable. After all, buyers buy your phone for resale, so you won’t get much money for it. If you have a poorly liquid model, or you have no particular desire or, maybe, time to sell your phone yourself, then this option suits you.

Through the online flea market

The option is not bad, since selling a phone through the Internet will be quite profitable for you. You need to visit any of these sites, for example: Free ads on the site or. You register on this site, describe the phone you want to sell, and indicate the price.You can also post a photo of the model being sold. Then you just have to wait for calls from potential buyers. But do not forget that you need to periodically update the ad, because, unfortunately, it is quickly becoming obsolete, because there are a lot of people who want to sell their handsets in this way.

Club sites

There are special club sites dedicated to one particular phone model. You can place an ad for sale on such a site, only there is very high competition, and therefore prices are not the highest, but you can sell the phone quickly enough.

Online Auction

Where can I sell the phone yet? Try to use the online auction. For example, on. In the format of such an auction, you can sell your phone both at a fixed price and through bidding, when the winner gets the opportunity to pick up the phone. Sale at a fixed price implies the possibility of sending the phone to other cities and regions. In this auction there are a couple of significant drawbacks: the sale process is not as fast as we would like, and you cannot communicate with the buyer until he has won the right to purchase.

For parts

Sometimes phones are bought for parts. You can implement your broken phone in this way, for example, if it has a broken screen. You can advertise the sale or search for special ads about buying broken mobile phones. Of course, you cannot count on a big sum in case of a sale of a non-working device. But you can still earn 20-30 percent of its value, because it’s better than nothing, isn't it?

So, if you decide to sell the phone in order to buy a more advanced model, then it is not so difficult to implement. Why do you need heaps of old unnecessary mobile phones, when you can get real money instead of them. So, go ahead!

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