Which book is better to give a man?

The book is considered the best gift, which can help to fix the situation at any moment. When you do not know what to buy, you can buyelite books as a gift. Even the most busy people in life still find time to relax, not only on a computer on the Internet. And that they could spend this time also with benefit, it is possible for thembuy gift books about business. True, many people say that buying a book is only when you absolutely do not know what you can give.

Books at all times have been and continue to fall into a category that will never become banal or primitive. Such gifts will always be in the price, you only need to choose the right genre. Some well-known publications even compiled a list of truly male printed publications. They will appeal to the soul and romantics, and harsh businessmen, and those who love to stand alone at the stove, creating culinary masterpieces. It is the latter who can be recommended to purchase the "Kitchens of Real Men" by Yuri Rozhkov and Konstantin Ivlev.

These authors describe the popular recipes and the step-by-step preparation of dishes without any abstruse expressions. A great gift option will be the work of Neil Gayman “American Gods”, such a kind of fairy tale for adults. Its plot is fantastic, but it is not necessary to be a lover of fiction. This book is considered one of the most popular and successful works of the author. No less exciting plot is proposed by the work of Mario Puzo “Sicilian”. This is the real reading for men, which is filled with things that are appreciated by the representatives of the stronger sex.

It perfectly combines true male friendship and danger, courage and many beautiful women. And, of course, can not do without love. The atmosphere of the book is exactly the same as in the whole trilogy about the son of Don Carleon, Michael. In addition, the author Evgeny Grishkovets also enjoys popularity. It is not necessary to represent it especially to readers, because millions have heard about it. As a gift, you can purchase a set of nine of his books. His work is different from the work of all other authors extraordinary realism and amazing attention to all the vital details.He makes the reader empathize with each hero, and everyone has the feeling that the book is written for him. All nine books of Grishkovets are the history of the modern man and his relationship with the outside world.

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