White shoes are the hit of the season

Motley, saturated shades of a spring-summer season world designers recommend to counterbalance footwear of white color. Would someone say impractical? Yes, but proper care and competent combination with clothes will help to look truly unmatched. Ready to try? Then read on.

From sport to chic

Shelves of shoe shops are crammed with an abundance of models and styles. But a special, even elite place, among them occupy white pairs. Once they were worn exclusively in the warm season, but the global fashion industry radically changed this rule, allowing women to look special even in cold winter.

So, what models are considered must-have for fashionistas this season, and what to wear them with?

Sport shoes

Classic white sneakers, lightweight and comfortable sneakers, moccasins - even those who like heels very much will not refuse from such shoes. In addition, fashion is now so democratic that you can combine sports pairs with jeans and T-shirts, as well as dresses, and even office suits.

Do not be afraid that they will look rude.So, for example, a properly selected model is suitable for creating a romantic-gentle image with a light dress or a short skirt.


This is a classic summer shoe. Options for heels will be appropriate for special occasions and look gorgeous with dresses in the floor. Models with a wide heel are more practical and can be used in the selection of office bows and as shoes for every day.

Girls with full legs should look at white wedge sandals. A light shade paired with a neat sole will visually make legs slimmer.

But the models at low speed will become excellent companions for summer holidays. They are convenient to take long walks, go to a gathering in a cafe or shopping. Always relevant, they will look with light sundresses, as well as denim shorts.


They can afford not only the bride, and not only in the summer. White shoes in combination with jeans and a free jumper will help create an excellent casual duet.

And if you pick them for trousers of a classic cut, top or shirt, and put a cardigan or trench coat on top, you get a win-win business look.

And what could be simpler than a tandem dress + white shoes? No special effort, and as a result you get a “wow effect”, because you will look very seductive.


They are often frequented by youth wardrobes. Incredibly fashionable looks bow, in which there are two "white spots" - boots and a jumper, boots and a cardigan, boots and a coat. Bright boots will help make the image light and airy.

Sexy set of black leggings, white shoes and voluminous sweater will look sexy. If you need something more elegant, the sweater can be replaced with a monophonic classic cardigan.

Need to focus on femininity? Choose lace-up shoes paired with a knitted dress.


They are elegant and elegant. But, at the same time, quite demanding. It is important to remember that such a pair is already in itself - a noticeable accent, because you need to learn not to overload images.

Outerwear in contrasting colors - black or red will look great with them.

For jackets suitable short jackets or coats as close as possible shade, as well as a contrast skirt. But this bow will easily turn into a vulgar one, if you choose a bright mini.Because the length of the palm above the knee will be perfect.

Bright makeup is also inappropriate. It is better to give preference to natural shades.

Capri pants and a fitted jacket are a great choice for classic white boots. A solemn bow may consist of short light boots, a small black dress, with a white bolero draped over it.

Helpful Tips

We figured out the intricacies of creating images, and finally we offer to read a few important recommendations of stylists that will help you look perfect:

  • White shoes require a companion. It can be a thing of the same shade, as well as a decorative element or accessory. With them, the bow will look more harmonious.
  • The bag in the tone of the shoes in this case - moveton. Powdery, light gray, blue - what you need.
  • It is also important to take into account not only the color, but also the style of shoes, to which you need to choose clothes.

White shoes - a bold accent, and sometimes a challenge to the well-established notions of fashion. Such a fashionable couple in your wardrobe will never become superfluous, and it is unlikely to cease to be relevant, because the designers have once again returned to it. Be beautiful!

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