Who are the volunteers?

Natalia Alexandrova
Natalia Alexandrova
April 28, 2012
Who are the volunteers?

Despite the prevalence of the concept, today not everyone knows who the volunteers are. Let's try to sort out this issue.

A volunteer is a volunteer; a person who does something disinterestedly. Most often - this is participation in public organizations. There are also military volunteers, i.e. people who volunteered for military service. For example, on the eve of May 9, St. George ribbons will be distributed by volunteers of patriotic organizations.

Why is it good to be a volunteer

  1. Depending on the organization in which the volunteer is a member, he can participate in various public events, hold events, and raise funds. So a volunteer develops his communication skills, ability to be a leader, and also acquires a lot of specific knowledge: how to organize a project, where to “find money” (fundraising) for the project, and many others.
  2. Many public organizations conduct retreats, actions.Thus, for a volunteer it is a way to travel for free, but at the same time being not a tourist, but, for example, performing the functions of a counselor.
  3. This is the perfect way to find friends and like-minded people! Like extreme? Go as a volunteer to the Scout organization, or another social and sports one. Are you for a healthy lifestyle? Then the Red Cross and other social activists are pleased with you! Also often there are environmental and patriotic orientation.

Cons volunteering

  1. Of course, the lack of payment. But here it is necessary to set priorities: reveal yourself, find friends or make money.
  2. Time spent After all, sometimes the preparation for any event lasts a single day, and if it is a trip, then maybe a week. But more often than not, a sense of over-fulfilled debt and satisfaction with the work done is more valuable than the time spent.

Who can become a volunteer

So, we have already answered the question, who are the volunteers. Anyone can become a volunteer, but most often in this role are students. In addition, there are organizations such as a fire fighting society or a society for searching for missing people, where adults can become volunteers.

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