Why do cats love cardboard boxes?

Scientists attribute this passion to the peculiar biological features and needs of animals.


The first and simplest explanation for cats' love of boxes is that they provide the perfect shelter for predators hunting from ambush.

The second reason: when they get into an unfamiliar environment, cats experience less stress and are much faster accustomed if they have a secluded place where they can hide. Very often, a box is such a shelter at home.

The third reason: the box can be a special “security zone” for cats, since these animals do not have a strategic mechanism for resolving conflict situations. As a rule, when faced with danger, cats prefer to run away from the problem and, if possible, avoid it later.

Finally, another explanation for the adoration of cardboard boxes by cats can be a desire to warm up (especially if the box is made of corrugated cardboard).The ideal air temperature for a cat, in which it does not need to spend extra energy to keep warm, lies in the range from 30 to 36 ° C. And this is about 10 degrees higher than the comfortable temperature for a person.

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