Why do swelling appear around the eyes

You will need
  • - cotton pads;
  • - tea brewing;
  • - ice
The main reason for recurring edema under the eyes is fluid retention. The skin in the eye area is soft and easy to stretch. If you immediately drank a cup of strong tea before bedtime or ate salty food, this will most likely affect your appearance: in the morning you will hardly open your eyes, and the edema yourself may last for several more hours.
Sleepless nights also contribute to the appearance of bags. In particular, if you have not pored over the next project, but spent this night in a bar with a cheerful company and spirits. Alcohol also retains moisture in the body, which you will probably be able to see when you wake up.
Another possible cause of swelling under the eyes is an allergy. Thus, an individual reaction to the consumption of certain foods, as well as dust, wool, pollen, feathers, can be manifested. First of all, try changing the blanket, mattress and pillow on which you sleep.During sleep, these objects come in close contact with your face and can cause swelling.
Bags under the eyes may indicate a malfunction of the internal organs. Most often, edema causes problems with the kidneys or the thyroid gland. For accurate diagnosis should visit the doctor.
Stress and anxiety can also lead to swelling. If you were crying at midnight, unfortunately, in the morning there will be traces on your face.
The cause of edema under the eyes can be age. Gradually, the skin becomes more flabby and less elastic, it stretches and loses its shape. Unfortunately, swelling is one of the first age changes.
If your swelling under the eyes is not caused by diseases or senile changes, then you can get rid of them without medical intervention. Try not to drink immediately before bedtime and do not eat salty foods. Take enough time to rest. If the apartment is not cold, give preference to sleep with an open window. Do not use too oily eye cream - it will retain moisture in this area, but at the same time and do not refuse completely from moisturizers.Choose a light but absorbable cream.
Finding bags before your eyes, make a compress: soak cotton pads in a cold tea brew, put them on your eyelids and hold for 10-15 minutes. Then wash with cool water and wipe the area around the eyes with an ice cube. After that, your face will look much better.

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