Why dream of a river?

Angelica Artemyeva
Angelica Artemyeva
August 3, 2012
Why dream of a river?

The river is a symbol of movement and change, a symbol of life itself. Why dream of a river? It depends on what kind of river you saw in your sleep. Whether you see it from the side or float on it, dirty and muddy or clear and clear water in it, whether you have a powerful stream or a quiet stream in the wilderness.

If you see a calm large river, carrying its waters across the plains, you will find a well-deserved success and a quiet life without strong shocks.

The turbulent flow, especially if you are swimming through it, to rapid and sudden changes in your life, and what changes it will be, depends on the overall emotional color of sleep. If your journey is joyful, expect good events, if you experience fear or drown, wait for trouble.

The river, encased in ice, symbolizes stagnation in affairs. The ice drift on the river says that you will soon have to ask someone for help.

Muddy or dirty water in the river - to the disease, and if you are still sinking, then to serious illnesses.If you dreamed of a waterfall, a fast forest stream or rapids, then this is a rapid and favorable change in life.

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