Why dream of earrings

See earrings in a dream, as well as clips or studs - this is often a warning, a recommendation to listen to loved ones and take note of their advice. Much depends on the material from which earrings are made. If the decoration is silver, then it is a hint that you are on your way to success and will emerge from the predicament as a winner. Interpreters of dreams say what dreams of gold earrings: for women - for a declaration of love, for men - for a find or a gift. How do dreamings interpret dreams with these decorations?

Star Dreams

Earrings can dream of a new romantic relationship, or a love triangle awaits you.

Small Velesov

Wearing such jewelry - for fun, sometimes for a wedding with rich gifts. In rare cases - to the disclosure of secrets.

Dream interpretation Maria Fedorovskoy

Such decorations, seen in a dream, are usually a good sign. Who put on waiting for joyful news. If in a dream you wear beautiful earrings for a long time, without removing them, you will recognize the family secret. Buying earrings or receiving them as a gift means that in real life you will receive a valuable gift. Looking at such jewelry or choosing them in a jewelry shop - to the declaration of love.But broken earrings in a dream symbolize gossip. And if the sleeper lost or sold the jewelry, great losses await him.


Earrings in a dream indicate that someone is in love with you, and if they are with stones, a love story awaits you. To find one earring - to lead a foreign husband or wife, to break the jewelry - to betray a friend.

Dream interpretation of Catherine the Great

If you dreamed earrings, it is always a positive change, your business will be arranged as well as possible. But if the earring is broken, expect unpleasant gossip, which will bring the most negative consequences.


Answering the question of what the earrings are dreaming about, this interpreter is guided by the time of year when the omen came. So, the spring dream for the weaker sex that she wears earrings, to joy, and for men - to rash behavior. Such a summer dream respectively marks a gift or the evil eye, autumn - the disclosure of secrets for both sexes. And the winter dream foreshadows for women acquaintance with a fraudster, and for men - unpleasant news.

The ladies' springtime dream is that she takes off her earrings, to bad luck; summer - to the loss, autumn - to the disease, winter - to the emergence of new friends.For the stronger sex, a similar dream in the spring is to get rid of the yoke, in the summer to self-sufficiency, in the fall to uncover the conspiracy, in the winter to ailments.

Dream Miller

This interpreter puts forward his version. Wait for great news and suggestions about interesting work. However, if the decorations are broken, then you are warned about insidious intrigues and gossips that could harm the imprudent and frivolous person.

The newest dream book

In a dream, to see earrings - for profit, to put them on - for romantic love, to notice that they are broken - you are envious.

Dream Dream

If a lady in a dream measures earrings - this is to love problems, and a man they can dream of a pleasant meeting with a stranger.

Gypsy interpreter

This dream book predicts a love relationship. One earring - you will be together with the one you love, two - you will be flirting with different people.

Pythagorean Numerological Dream Book

For women, such a dream means: trying on in front of a mirror, they hint that her sensual dream will soon come true. Earrings are the same? The desire will come true after a couple of weeks, different - after a couple of months. But men measure such jewelry - to problems with the authorities or cheating spouse.

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