Why are pictures of phytones a sheer fraud?

Turn a little to the side, strain the bottom, draw the belly, straighten the back - and forward, towards the gorgeous body ... More precisely, towards the universal envy, likes and “stroking” comments. There are no perfect bodies, but there are filters, photoshop and the art of posing! And then there is the greedy inner kid in our soul who wants universal approval.

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It seems to be time to admit an obvious fact: motivating photos and posts in slimming communities do not work. Looking at other people's biceps and quadriceps in social networks leads to very different feelings: surprise, envy, irritation, but does not inspire in any way for their own sports feats. Quite the contrary: someone else's amazing ass becomes an excellent demotivator, and here's why.

You will never be "as in the picture"

Naive times, when we believed that you can pump yourself long legs, like Gisele Bundchen, waist, like Dita von Teese, and buttocks, like Jennifer Lopez, are in the past.Giselle has an estrogen deficiency and an excess of androgens, and therefore she was lucky to become the owner of a boyish figure. Dita removed a few ribs. Jennifer soldered her buttock implants. Alas, there is no perfection in the world, but there is only a severe genetics.

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A petite girl is unlikely to be able to boast with long legs, and a tall, thin woman is likely to have a “straight” waist that does not add grace. All of us are individual, which means that even 24/7 training does not guarantee a dream body. Therefore, to examine the ideal hemispheres of someone's otfootosplennyh buttocks in instagram with the hope of unraveling the secret of their splendor is meaningless: maybe it's in poses and light, maybe in exhausting trainings and rigid dietary restrictions, but at the heart of all - madam genetics. It determines the growth, regulation of appetite, the rate of saturation, especially the accumulation of fat and the rate of its burning, as well as the shape of the breast, buttocks, length of the legs.

Motivating photos cause guilt

It would seem that delightful photos of foreign press should stimulate healthy excitement in refusal of sugar and rolls, and also give energy for alternating power and cardio according to the precepts of a fitness guru.In practice, everything for some reason looks different: we sadly flipped through other people's photos of incredible buttocks, the “washing boards” of the press, for a second we stop looking at the perfect bikini chest ...

And we close the next account, plunging into sad thoughts about the unattainability of the ideal, the cost of the services of a plastic surgeon, the despondency of daily cardiovascular exercise for weight loss. This mournful way always ends at the refrigerator: the orgy of borscht, rolls, chocolates and half ice cream. After all, the ideal is so far away, stress is unbearable, and comforting food is always there.

Lack of practical benefits

Alas, the majority of motivating communities are very superficial. The need for frequent replenishment of content to maintain a certain number of views leads to the fact that motivating materials are reduced to photos of professional fitness beauty sneaked from the Web in leggings and signatures like: “Squat 30 times and in 5 days you will grow the same leggings and butt! "

An enthusiastic audience together retains a motivating post for themselves on the walls of social networks, never to return to it again. After all, tomorrow there will be new photos and new recommendations for squats. There is no time to be engaged, at least to have time to read all the new motivashchiki

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Lying and juggling facts

Motivating communities sin by attracting the reader’s attention with flawless photos of fitness models (models, as usual, not up to date: the Internet is large, follow all unscrupulous comrades), illustrating their own ideas of varying degrees of madness. So, the stunning beauty of the muscles of some beauty, who manic drinks whey protein and eats chicken breasts, will adorn an article about the benefits of veganism. Who cares about contradictions? The main thing was to attract the attention of the reader!

For example, in some popular communities about healthy lifestyle you can find articles about the benefits of detox on vegetable smoothies, ten rules of vegan nutrition, opening the chakras and cleansing the intestines - and the well-known Instagram model Sandra Prikker, which does not know, shines like an illustration about any enemas and chakras, but advertises sports nutrition in your account.

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Stop comparing yourself to others

Selfies from jogging or from the gym, like new biceps and leggings unnoticed became an important part of our life. And it is unlikely that we will be able to get rid of this part of the modern cultural code radically.

What remains for us not to go crazy with the flow of perfect photos in social networks? Probably healthy self-irony. And the understanding that people with ideal faces and figures are the result of the work of the photographer, makeup artist and stylist, a product that is created long and carefully, and exists only in two-dimensional reality, on the screen of a smartphone. And ordinary, real life consists of imperfections and the search for a reasonable balance between benefit and pleasure.

Other people have different genetics. And another climate, light for photos, other goals and means to achieve them. To look at someone who lives, eats, trains, is always curious. But comparison with the past turns out to be much more effective than regrets about the unrealizable - narrow hips combined with huge buttocks, a thin waist or a graceful back. Fuck other people's perfect asses. The real joy is to see a progress of two centimeters in your own longitudinal twine, which is still very far from a 180 ° angle, or to understand that you are two years older and look only better.

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