Why are short-term diets harmful?

Short-term diets sometimes really help to lose weight quickly, but almost always after a while the weight returns to the previous mark, and sometimes exceeds it. A fast diet based on a serious calorie deficit causes serious damage to the body for a number of reasons.

Most often, the basis of the express diet is a sharp reduction in caloric intake in combination with a limited set of authorized foods. This includes both monodiets (buckwheat, kefir, apple and so on), and low-calorie diets with a diverse set of products (for example, the Japanese diet).

Such power schemes imply a reduction in daily energy consumption of up to 1000 kilocalories or less. Such a caloric value is extreme for the body and is perceived as a serious stress, which leads to a response - the metabolism slows down, the fat burning process is disturbed. That is why at the end of the express diet is so easy to return to previous weight.It is not uncommon for women who struggle with obesity with hard mono-diets to acquire even more body fat than they originally had.

Another underwater stone of rapid weight loss is the loss of muscle mass. As a result of a sharp decrease in the caloric intake of the diet, the body at last starts consuming valuable reserves of adipose tissue, and first of all loses weight due to the loss of water and muscles. It is by reducing muscle mass that weight is reduced. In addition, limited calorie content and a small amount of permitted foods lead to nutritional deficiencies.

A poor set of nutrients harms the condition of the skin, hair, nails, teeth and bones, performance deteriorates, the psycho-emotional state becomes unstable, and immunity decreases. The diet lacks proteins, fats and carbohydrates, there is a shortage of vitamins and minerals. A half-starved state on a fast diet often leads to breakdowns, which in turn causes psychological and eating disorders. Finally, the fascination with express diets can lead to diseases of the digestive tract - from gastritis to ulcers.

The best alternative to such diets is the habit of healthy eating, which is not limited in time, unlike a diet, and helps not only to keep fit, but also to monitor health.

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