Why do yellow leaves of a tomato?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
February 14, 2013
Why do yellow leaves of a tomato?

The article will explain why the leaves of tomatoes turn yellow, because this question does not cease to excite many gardeners.

Often the leaves begin to turn yellow from the bottom, and not just the veinlets, but the whole leaf. Zoology explains this plant condition by a lack of nutrients, namely nitrogen. How to predict this and how to help if the yellowness of the leaves has already appeared?


It is worth starting with seedlings. If it has grown before planting in the greenhouse, as indicated by the roots, intertwined with each other in a tight lump, then such a seedling will take root very badly. Because the overgrown roots will begin to die off before the transplant, which will not be noticeably outwardly, and then the leaves will begin to turn yellow, and to the very top. At the same time, new roots will grow and fresh leaves will appear. The reason why tomato leaves turn yellow in this case is that the old roots can no longer supply the necessary amount of nutrients to the first leaves, and they die off.At this time, the healthy roots of the plant supply everything you need to the newly grown leaves.


It is necessary to sow the seeds not earlier than the agreed time and then do not keep the seedlings for a long time on the windowsill. If, however, it was not possible to land it in time, then try to keep at least three liters of soil prepared for a tomato bush, so that the nutrition of the roots does not suffer.


To restore root nutrition, with the onset of yellowing of the leaves, you need to prepare a weak salt solution, 1%. To do this, take 10 grams of fertilizer (phosphates, chlorides, nitrates, etc.) for 1 liter of water. Fertilizer can be either dry or liquid. Stir thoroughly and the spray solution is ready. The main thing to remember is that the concentration should not be greater in order to avoid leaf burns. It is necessary to spray 1-2 times a day, for the whole time of plant recovery. In this case, the yellowed leaves can be removed, since they are no longer reanimated. In a week, maximum two, the development of a tomato bush will go back to normal.

In a situation when all the conditions for planting were met, but still the question arose why the leaves turn yellow in tomatoes, it can be assumed that the reason is the damage of roots by harmful insects or a lack of soil temperature.However, there may still be a blue in the color of the stem and leaves. And it is possible that the plant can not settle down due to excessive heat and dry air. In such situations, tomatoes will also be shown spraying a 1% solution prepared from fertilizer and water.

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