Wishes for last call to graduates from parents, director and class teacher in verse and prose. What to wish for on the day of the Last Call to classmates - examples of texts


The most kind, touching greetings and beautiful wishes for the Last Bell are dedicated to eleventh-graders. After all, they will no longer return to their home school, will not sit down at their favorite desks, and will not meet with classmates and teachers who have become almost family members over the years they have been together. The director, the head teacher, the subject teachers, the class teacher and parents greet the graduates. All of them in verse and prose wish the children not to change their dream, to achieve their goals,in any situation to behave like a human being and never forget the native school, the doors of which will always remain hospitable to them.

Wishes for the last call to graduates in prose and verses from the director and teachers

At the festive events dedicated to the Last Bell in the School, the entire teaching staff addresses the graduates with welcoming speeches. The director, the head teacher and subject teachers congratulate the children on a significant event and say many kind parting words in verses and prose. Young men and women are willing to enter a university and get a higher education in their favorite profession, find a job that brings not only good salary, but also moral satisfaction, create a friendly family with a reliable, dedicated person and make all their cherished dreams come true and make this world a little sincere, more beautiful and kinder.



Until recently, you first came to school, you had the first line, and there was also the first lesson. Remember, how joyful, but at the same time and worried were you at that moment? You bought the most beautiful briefcases, pencil cases and notebooks that you were so proud of.You felt like adults and even a little independent, but today you are already quite adults - the real graduates. I want to heartily congratulate you on this wonderful event in your life - the last bell. I know how long you have been preparing for this day, so I have no doubt that you will succeed. Happy holiday, my dearest graduates! I want to always see you as happy as now. Let all your dreams and desires come true, and ideas and plans come true. You can always count on our support guys.


Now you are adults at all.
You are waiting for discoveries, accomplishments,
Solutions to many problems.
You are the younger generation!

You have hope, you are our light.
Gave you school experience, knowledge.
Take in a new way ticket,
Good and happiness wishes.


I would like to congratulate these wonderful guys who are standing in front of me on the holiday! Today's Last Call is the day you've been waiting for. Many of you have been waiting for this day since you entered school. My dear, you have endured an incredible school of life, because here you not only studied, but also fell in love, made friends, cursed and made up. You have become true personalities with your own unique qualities.I want this to continue, because you can really achieve unprecedented heights. I have known you for many years, so I became strongly attached to you. I want each of you to achieve what you have long dreamed of. May this holiday strengthen your friendship even more. I hope that you will continue to maintain good and close relations with each other. With the holiday you!

Beautiful and touching wishes on the last call from the class teacher in prose


The most inspirational, beautiful and touching wishes for graduates on the day of the Last Call are the class teacher. He congratulates the guys on successful completion of training and transition to a new life stage. He wants his students to get high marks on exams and enroll in higher education, find something to like and build a career, meet true love, create a happy family and keep forever in mind the impressions of the beautiful, carefree school years, beloved classmates and teachers from the day per day for 11 years who gave children warmth, care, love and the most sincere attention.


Today is an exciting and bright day! You, my yesterday's pupils of the 11th form, are preparing to take steps into an independent life. You, dear parents, are determined to help children in this difficult and exciting business. Let everything work out for you! Remember, the doors of the school will forever be open to your favorite graduates. Come for support and just to share the joys!


Today is a very joyful and solemn day. My heart is overwhelmed with emotions, because over the years we have become a family, my dear children. Together we overcame difficulties, joked, fell in love, dreamed and supported each other. I admire and be proud of you. It is hard for me to let you go to the big, adult world, but I know for sure that everything will work out for you! Know - my doors are always open for you, I always wait and miss!


As a class teacher, I want to wish each of you smooth roads, open doors and good people. Let the school of life favors you and on the way to success sends teachers able to teach, understand, suggest and correct. Aim for a dream, go ahead and never stop there. Do not forget that the doors of the native school are always open for you.

Pleasant wishes for the last call from parents - texts with humor and examples on video


Many kind, pleasant and inspirational words on the Last Bell celebration graduate parents say. They praise their sons and daughters for successfully coping with the development of the school curriculum and confirming their knowledge by passing the EG. Complement the congratulatory phrases with wishes to achieve a dizzying success in life, to find an occupation to their liking and become professionals in it, to meet their love, to create a family and to realize all their most cherished dreams. These simple, but at the same time very sincere and touching words penetrate graduates into the very heart and cause a lot of positive emotions. The guys thank their moms and dads for all-round support and promise to always and in everything meet their expectations.


I remember, seemingly recently,
With briefcases and with Primers,
Chagall to school for the first time
They dreamed about their future.
Squeezing my hand tight
So worried my crumb,
And tears were falling from the eyes,
Toys all stayed home.
So quickly the time flew by
And here you are all graduates,
So our kids have matured,
Students will already be you.
Such tall, handsome,
Everyone has long had their own dreams,
You built your plans,
Ready for adulthood you.
But, you know, for us you are the same
You are the same kids, kids,
Hope lives in our soul
What stop you grow.
Kids, we all wish you
Heights, all tops to conquer,
We wish you to find happiness
And now, your last bell rings.
There will be no more lessons,
At the desk you sit for the last time
But, you will not forget the school,
Moments save you in the hearts.
Well, well, our dear children,
We wish you a good journey,
You are beautiful, talented and gorgeous,
Do not worry your soul sadness!


For you, the last bell rang,
And there is no more need to learn lessons -
The thorns can now be removed from the wreath,
For knowledge, for the broad horizon
Thank all teachers
Beloved school, which became a second home,
You got older and grown up here
But they came a little higher dwarves!
You have invested time and energy
And nerves, and finance oh, a lot!
But we just want to ask:
Please us in life with the highest score
In study, hobbies, in work,
Make friends, relax and fall in love
Youth is in demand everywhere,
Dare and do not doubt yourself!


The last bell is a bright date.
Today is a farewell to the school for you,
Big boys, pretty girls,
Go you forward, good luck, in the bright hour!

And we, as parents, are experiencing
May the world meet you with kindness and success.
With the last bell now congratulations
We wish everyone to taste the happiness!

Humorous wishes in honor of the Last Call for graduates from parents - an interesting video example

The video clip below shows how parents can, with their own means and without undue efforts, make an original, bright clip for graduates with congratulations and wishes on the occasion of the Last Call. For staging, neither decorations nor costumes are required. Moms and dads perform in their own clothes and play mini-scenes from their lives, showing the guys that between children and adults, in fact, not such a big difference. In conclusion, the parents wish their sons and daughters to go through life with their heads held high, not to doubt their strength, overcome obstacles and never give up their dreams, even if at first glance it seems absolutely fantastic and unrealizable.

Congratulations and wishes for the last call to classmates in verse and prose

Beautiful, touching congratulations and good wishes on the last call holiday graduates accept not only from teachers and parents, but also from friends-classmates. Peers, who studied together for 11 years, devote each other cheerful, optimistic phrases in verse and prose, motivating them to continue their further education in the university, build a career, look for their vocation and never forget the old school friends with whom many bright and colorful moments were experienced. Of course, not everything went smoothly. Often there were quarrels between the guys because of serious things or trivial things, someone was offended and long pouted at his friends, but in the end, friendship won and in the classroom again there was full mutual understanding. About all these peripetias of school education, the guys on the day of the Last Bell speak with special pleasure. But a slight haze of sadness nevertheless obscures the eyes of the graduates, for it is always a little sad to say goodbye, especially when you have to part with those who have become almost relatives. But boys and girls are driving away these thoughts from themselves and promise not to lose sight of their school friends and to maintain the best of relations with them.



What can you wish a man with whom he spent next to each other, side by side for eleven years? Only the warmest words of happiness and love. My dear classmate! Now we are graduates and will soon leave school and say goodbye to each other, perhaps forever. But we can never forget each other. We can not forget the happy days that we spent together at our desks in the same class. I wish you happiness and all the best.


I wish the summer bright,
And you do not forget,
That the sun shines hot!
Strives to give away
You in life only the best.
And the bell rings,
So that you listen to him,
After all, he - not a lesson!


Great mood, the sea of ​​the sun, love, good luck and mutual understanding. Be always as cheerful and cheerful as at school, my favorite classmates. I will never forget you, I will not forget your smiles and your friendship. Thank you for being my classmates all these years. Let everything go as you deserve it.

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