What and how to wear a cap?

Headwear - not the latest thing in the wardrobe of every woman. After all, he not only protects from the cold, but also helps to complete the image and give him a “zest”. Today we will talk about unusual caps.

Why unusual? Yes, because, along with the usual hats, caps and scarves, they appear much less frequently, but this does not make them less fashionable. How to wear them? Let's find out.

A little cheek

On the catwalks, this thing appeared a long time ago, and periodically disappeared, then ascended again to the wave of popularity. Of course, women owe the appearance of a cap for everyday wear to men. And more specifically - the military. After all, the prototype of the modern fashion element is the uniform headgear of officers.

In the 70s of the last century, such a thing was considered super shocking, and was perceived with a bang, becoming an excellent alternative to hats.

To confuse a woman's cap with a cap is almost impossible. But if in doubt, here are two main characteristics that will help recognize it:

  1. Visor. It is narrow and long, usually from temple to temple.
  2. The crown.She holds the shape well, and almost does not crumple, unlike the caps. The exception is knitted models, but they are often made of thick threads, which also do not lose shape.

The most successful fabrics for caplets are felt and cloth. They are thick and warm enough, because the headdress can protect you from wind and even frost.

What is the combination of such an accessory?

  • Fur. She is in the trend of the winter season 2018. It is recommended to wear it with mink coats of trapezoid silhouette, as well as sheepskin coats. For those who are worried about warmth, the option of a kerchief + cap is possible.
  • Felt and from the cloth will suit the image in the style of the military. You can safely choose parks of olive or black, massive shoes, as well as a coat with large buttons.

Look great in classic bow. Trench or cloak strictly silhouette and neat boots with a wide heel without decor will create an elegant look.

Stylists do not recommend wearing hats with leather jackets, but if you like experiments, then a properly selected bottom will help save the situation. It should be wide trousers made of thick fabric and coarse boots on a low run with lacing.

  • Knitted.In the autumn-spring period, they can be combined with a business suit or a romantic set consisting of a light maxi skirt and a denim jacket. In the cold season, such a hat will be a great addition to a cashmere or blown coat with a straight cut.

But it is worth remembering that a dry-looking cap is a very self-sufficient thing, so there should be no more knitted things in your bow.

  • Summer Usually they are made of cotton, and they are called “captains”, since such models exactly repeat the accessory of the captain of the sea liner. In combination with a striped vest or striped dress, you can create a fashionable bow in a nautical style, and linen shorts with a straight white T-shirt will be a great set for walking and shopping. A wonderful combination will also come from a cap and a silk jumpsuit, which will add a touch of special sexuality to its owner.

Well, summer total white also has not been canceled.

Women's cap is a bold, stylish and beautiful accessory. Do not be afraid to bring a little boldness into your image, and feel more relaxed.

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