Wooden shelf for a bottle of wine and glasses

We manufacture awooden shelf for one bottle of wine and 4 glasses for wine. The shelf is easy to manufacture and is aesthetic in nature, designed more to decorate the interior, such as a bar or a wine room (living room).

Materials and tools:

  1. 2 boards 12x110 cm;
  2. 2 boards 12x10 cm;
  3. black paint, you can also buy furniture lacquer;
  4. saw;
  5. drill and sheet drill on wood;
  6. sanding machine or just sandpaper;
  7. clamps;
  8. wall mounts
  9. screws;
  10. wood glue.

Step 1

We take one board 12x110 cm, mark the center and drill a hole using a drill and a sheet drill on wood. The diameter of the hole should be slightly larger than the diameter of the bottle neck. So that the bottle can be easily inserted and removed from the hole.

Step 2

Putting the shelf. Actually there is nothing difficult here, we just connect all the boards together: 2 boards 12x10 cm are side, and 2 boards 12x110 cm are the top and bottom boards of the shelf.We use screws and wood glue to join.

Tip: In places where screws will be screwed in, it is better to first drill holes. This is necessary so that when screwing in the screw the board does not crack.

Step 3

We sand the shelf with a grinding machine or simply with sheets of emery paper of different grain sizes.

Step 4

Apply the first coat of paint, let it dry and apply a second coat of paint. Also, to protect wood and paint we cover the shelf with a layer of furniture varnish.

In the end, we fasten the screws to the wall with self-tapping screws.

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