"Yandex" called the most popular requests for cats and dogs

I wonder how many times a day we are distracted from work tasks in order to devote a “couple of minutes” to finding information about our pets. For example, what to do if your terrier is depressed while you are at work? Or how to take a cat on a trip?

So, according to Yandex, the curious owners of cats and doggies are as many as 25 million. More precisely, it is exactly the number of requests for cats and dogs (14 and 11 million, respectively) per month.processedthrough a search engine. Of all the variety of “topical” questions about four-legged friends, the most unusual and funny ones concern cats. So, users are often interested in "why cats are so tricky," "how to recharge energy from a cat," "how to find a common language with a cat," and - the most sentimental, in our opinion, - "how to explain to a cat that I love him." In the summer, you can also find requests on the topic "how to cool the cat in the heat."

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